Monday, August 23, 2010

Horse Hugging Therapy and Winner of Tammy Barley's newest novel

When Tammy Barley asked me to hug a horse while on the 7-day Dude Ranch trip I won from her, I giggled and agreed. The last giggle was on me, though.

While riding--and hugging--these magnificent creations of Almighty God, I realized why people so easily give their hearts to them.

They each have their own personalities, every one a mixture of endearment and orneriness. Sound like anyone, or everyone, you know?

Here are a few of my favorite moments of horse hugging therapy from last week's trip to Deer Valley Ranch in Nathrop, Colorado, aka Paradise...

Thank you, Tammy, for the opportunity to take this trip. We had no idea how empty we'd become until we got away from our lives and allowed God to fill us up with His beauty. If not for your generosity, we couldn't have afforded this trip, my dear. My heart overflows with gratitude to you and Jesus, for all the horse huggin' we got to do!

And now, to announce the winnner of Tammy's newest release, Hope's Promise, a splendidly woven story from the old west brimming with hope, horses and love-filled hearts...

Terry Tiffany

Congratulations, Terri!!! I will let Tammy know you won; she'll be as pleased as a rancher with a new Thoroughbred!
Thanks to all who joined Tammy last week for this contest and review of her bright new novel. To purchase either of her books or find out more about her, please go to

I will post more pictures of our trip--as well as share with you a few miracles the Lord gave us--in days to come. See y'all soon! Love, Jen


  1. They're wonderful pictures! I just love that first one.

    Welcome home, Jen, and congratulations to Terri!

  2. Looks like you had an incredible time, Jen!! And I loved getting to see all of the pictures of you hugging horses! You have such a beautiful and warm smile!!

  3. Well, I can honestly say I feel I'm missing out. I have never hugged a horse. LOL
    You look so cute with your new horse friend. :)
    CONGRATS to Terri!

  4. You look like a perfect cowgirl! Love the pictures and your expressions.... priceless. :O)

  5. Nothing like some great equine therapy. Exquisite photos, Jen!

  6. How fun, Jeanette! I spoke at a retreat center where there were horses. I asked for the "Grandma" horse when we went on a trail ride. It was such fun. I felt like I was riding Eeyore. They do come in all personalities and snorts.

  7. Welcome back, J! So, so happy that you got the rest, relaxation, and, hopefully, restoration.

  8. Congrats Terri! Oh how I wish I could hug a horse today!!!

  9. You look so cute in that cowgirl hat!! I love horses. So glad you could get away and replenish yourselves. Thank you for the book Tammy!

  10. So happy for you that you had such a wonderful, spirit-refreshing time & fun!

    Blessings on you, dear friend.

  11. Your pictures made me smile. I lost my heart to horses as a young girl. I think they're magnificent. Love your smile with them!

  12. Jen:
    I'm glad you had a wonderful time away. God speaks to us when we relax.
    Congratulations to Terri.

  13. the hat looks great on you.

    LOVE how relaxed you look.

  14. Hi Jen -

    Both horse and rider look happy in these pictures. :)

    Congrats to Terri!


  15. Hi Jen
    Im seeing you in a whole new light! So glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  16. Looks like you had a GREAT time! The horses are truly beautiful! God's creativity is just amazing. Welcome back and a big congratulations to Terri Tiffany!!

  17. Awesome pictures! I am blessed to have traveled by here. You are a treasured friend!

  18. Lovely pictures! Congratulations Terri!

  19. Great pictures and it looks like lots of fun.


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