Monday, August 16, 2010

I Miss You, But...

I am here today.
And here.

Possibly here.

Thanks to the generosity of award-winning novelist Tammy Barley, we are enjoying the vacation of a lifetime at Deer Valley Ranch in Southern Colorado. Last winter I won Tammy’s contest in conjunction with the release of her debut novel, Love’s Rescue.

This Wednesday and Friday I will be reviewing Hope’s Promise, the exciting, romantic sequel to Love’s Rescue, and Tammy has graciously agreed to gift one copy to one of you!

I hope you’ll join her, while Kevin and I enjoy her generoisty and God's handiwork.

What’s the best vacation you’ve taken so far?


  1. Have fun! The best vacation so far is a cruise Bob and I took to Alaska. It was a great escape to beat Florida's summer heat.

  2. I want to be there too!

    Beautiful pics! Enjoy!

    I love Maine, especially Acadia National Park and also Estes Park in Colorado.

  3. I am SOOO happy for you!!!!
    Hmmm. SO MANY bests.
    Acadia National Park (as Donna said)
    Washingtons San Juan islands

    Yes, I have been blessed.
    Praise God.

  4. Lovely! Enjoy! My best vacation so far happened just a few months ago, when we cruised to Bermuda. Happy travels :)

  5. It looks like a lovely time away:) I love all the nature you're surrounded by, it reminds me of our last trip to North Carolina.

  6. Such beautiful sights. You guys are truly blessed =) Favorite vacation thus far? Would have to be my graduation present for my Bachelor's degree when my folks & I went first to Washington D.C. for a week & then to New York City for the 2nd week. Having stayed in Times Square & been there for New Year's Eve & having been in D.C. when a blizzard came through - beautiful memories & the trip of a lifetime! Have fun on your vacation!

  7. Oh, have fun, Jen! Jealous, but so happy for you!!!! Tons of places I still want to visit. Lv u!

  8. Jeanette, it looks wonderful. I pray you are having an amazing time. I can't wait until our next writer's meeting to hear all about it. Love you!

    My favorite vaction spot--Maine in July.

  9. I am so excited for you and the hubby. God is so generous! Have tons of fun :O)

  10. Happy Monday, Ladies!

    Jen asked me to visit the Audience of One blog this week and say hi; even while she's on vacation, she wants you to know she is thinking of you. =)

    I'm sponsoring a new contest to go with my new book: "Hope's Promise Vacation-for-a-Day Contest." Read Hope’s Promise for a chance to win
    a horseback riding adventure for your whole family! For details and to enter, visit

    My favorite vacation? Disney World Florida during a tropical storm. Sure, we had to slosh through calf-deep water, but it was comfortably warm, and there was no wait to get on any of the rides. =)



  11. SWEET vacation, girl. Have lots of fun. Love the pics. Are they of you?

    I love riding my horses. You look so fine aboard a horse. (If that is you.) If not, I bet you still look good!

  12. Great pictures. Looks like you will have a grand time!

    My fave vacation was when my husband and I went to Jackson Hole, WY and Yellowstone for our 25th anniversary.

    Blessings and happy trails:)

  13. Oh, I remember when you took that vacation. So fun to relive!

  14. What a beautiful opportunity for you and your husband! Praying you'll enjoy every moment and create some spectacular memories. I'd love to read Tammy's new book! Count me in your drawing. Best vacation so far? I'd definitely have to say Maui. Truly a place that showcases our Creator's handiwork!

  15. Hi Jen -

    Beloved and I adored Colorado. Have a wonderful time!

    Susan :)

  16. Thank you sooo much, Ladies, for your kind thoughts and prayers for Jen. Since I've met her, Jen has been a great blessing to me. Clearly, you each are a great blessing to her as well. =)



  17. Oh, have a wonderful time. Enjoy yourself to the max and absorb every detail so you will always be able to draw it out when you are in other less pleasant and exciting places.

    My favorite vacation was when my family went to New York City and we saw the l965 World's Fair and a Broadway play. Love New York to this day.


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