Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Questions for Writers

If you are a writer, please answer any one or all of these random questions rattling around in my brain:

What is the ratio of time you spend writing vs. social networking?

Do you attend a writers group, either online or in person?

Has social networking aided your writing career?

What part does prayer play in your writing?

If you could turn the clock back five, ten, or twenty years, what would you do differently?

Thanks for letting me x-ray your grey matter. I can't wait to read your answers!


  1. Hhhhmmm, what I would do differently? I would write. I wouldn't wait until I was 40 to start.

    As an unpublished writer, I don't think social networking helps me in anyway, other than provide encouragemnt. But for a published author, I'm sure it is a must.

  2. social network = 1-2 each day. writing = at least 2

    online groups (I belong to two)

    I think social networking has helped b/c I feel more connected and it provides accountability

    Prayer has been playing a larger and larger role lately.

    Turn clock back...I would gain a richer perspective of why I'm here--to glorify God.

    Great questions!
    ~ Wendy

  3. All great questions! Social media is much higher than writing. I just joined my first writer's group... lovin it!

    And I would love to say if I could go back in time things would be different, but for some reason as painful as it is to me, this is God's timing and plan so this is where I'm supposed to be. :O)

  4. Nothing differently, dear one, except trust more in God's perfect plan.

    Social networking? Hmmm. 1-2 hours a day.

    Writing 2-4 hours a day, maybe more lately. Probably more.

    A monthly writers' group. One online crit partner. Plus another easily accessed--our Cammie!!!

    Prayer integrates smoothly into the whole day. I do offer the day up to God b/f I start MOST days.

    Hmmm. The other one about social networking? It seems to be an organic way to minister, be ministered to, practice the community of being a writer (since we don't go to an office and all sit around in cubicles and write)

    Blessings, dear one.

  5. Actually Jen, I have been spending more time blogging than writing and Im ready to change that ratio. There have just been extenuating circumstances that have prevented me from spending time writing. I feel blogging and other networking is a valuable thing to do and I know it will pay off in the long run. And I have learned sooooo much from my fellow bloggers and gained yours! Prayer has played a larger role in the last months, and I know that will be a long run pay off as well. I just want to be obedient to His call on my life.

  6. I only stick to my blog and reading others and staying in touch with email. I know as a writer I probably should be on Facebook, etc. but I became overwhelmed by other social networks and found I wasn't doing much writing. So for now, I'll hang out with my blogger buddies and enjoy and learn from their writing adventures.

    If I could go back, I'd eliminate a lot of things that I felt were more important, and weren't, in my life and spent more time writing.

  7. Ratio of time:
    It depends on the amount of time I have available, but on an average day I write about twice as long as the time I spend networking. On a serious writing day it's all writing and no networking.

    Writers' Group:
    I attend a group on average twice a month and have connections with one online group.

    Networking aiding career:
    Only in that it has widened my exposure to others in the writing community.

    Prayer's role:
    I start every day with prayer and, like breathing, find myself automatically praying in the midst of doing things including writing throughout the day.

    Turning back the clock:
    I wouldn't change much except that I would go public with my writing much sooner. It was a private pursuit for me for many years and need not have been.

    Interesting questions, Jen... thanks for making me think. :)

  8. Good questions!

    I spend less than 10% of my writing time social networking. Most days, I spend 30-45 minutes total and that includes Facebook, Twitter, e-mails, and responding to comments on my blog. Once or twice a week (or less if my house is crazy!), I spend a few hours reading other people's blogs, but I don't do that during my writing time.

    I do belong to a few writer's groups. Online: RWA and ACFW. In person: MVRWA.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Oh, and yes, social networking has helped my career. It brought me to my critique group who I met while blogging.

    Through Facebook and Twitter, I've been able to keep up with published writers I've met at conferences, and a few have generously helped me in various ways.

    By watching agents on Twitter, I've saved myself frustration because many will announce if they are not open for queries for a few weeks or if their client list is full.

    Also, sometimes a word of encouragement from someone makes all the difference.

  10. Hi Jen -

    My communication with the Lord is critical to everything I do in life, not only writing. I sure would not be writing fiction if it wasn't for Him. My first love is non-fiction, but He showed me the value of clothing His precepts in story.

    Susan :)

  11. I just wanted to stop by and say

    HELLO! :> )


  12. If I could go back twenty years, I would become proficient in the computer and learn along with the kids. I signed up for a computer course back then and right afterwards, my son got in a very bad car accident and I had to deal with that so I cancelled the class. My do over would be that as soon as I could, I'd resign up for that class. Back then I wouldn't look like such a goofus.

  13. Jeanette:
    If I could do anything over in my life it would be to concentrate on writing *consistently*.
    I write on my NEO and transfer it to my PC for my blog and for most of my projects. It makes it easier for me to write when our son is online.
    I spent most of eleven years as a member of a local writing group but I had to come away from it early this summer. When the focus was on writing, it was good.
    I do social network but not very much. I got on one because of writing. I am on another due to issues of health.

  14. Prayer is crucial. I don't feel safe in writing much without it.

  15. I am five years late to this post. Oh, well! You know the lyrics from the Beatles song, something like, "no where you can be that you shouldn't be" and something about time being relative. I think. You can tell I'm a real fan. But the sentiment is there!

    So here goes:

    What is the ratio of time you spend writing vs. social networking? I don't social network, unless this counts. I suppose I spend too much reading things online. It cuts into writing time!

    Do you attend a writers group, either online or in person? No. :( Too shy.

    Has social networking aided your writing career? YES. I used to post on a writers' site called Gather. It gave me confidence in my style and made me think I just may be a short story writer. Lots of good feedback. But the site is now defunct. I miss it!

    What part does prayer play in your writing? Prayer is everything. I can string sentences together. That is a skill. But I can not make it work. Prayer does that. I notice a huge difference between just writing and praying then writing.

    If you could turn the clock back five, ten, or twenty years, what would you do differently? Hmm..pray more. Write better. But I probably wouldn't change what I have actually done. Even though I haven't yet finished that famous-to-be novel, I have accomplished other goals. I wouldn't trade those sucesses for a few more chapters. (My kids keep me busy!)


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