Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Are you Agent Material?

Did you ever wonder if you'd like to be a literary agent? Have you thought, "It would be so much fun to read manuscripts all day long, and help all my writer friends find homes for their books!"?

My lovely agent and dear friend, Diana Flegal of Hartline Literary Agency recently shared what life in her corner of the world is like:

"I thought I might give you a peek at what lies on my desk today. The sort of piles I am shuffling around.

Currently under consideration are: (this means on my must make a decision reading list)
  1. A YA Fantasy with Fairies under a magical spell 
  2. A contemporary women's fiction hitting on real life issues 
  3. A non fiction women's study, very unique 
  4. A non fiction on the tragic consequences of unhealthy relationships 
  5. A fiction court room drama based on a true story 
  6. A Bipolar memoir and guide to life with Bi polar  
In the miscellaneous unsolicited stack I am interested in but have placed in the I like these so maybe later stack:

     1. A memoir of Bi Polar Disorder- several of these (I have a son with Bi Polar and somehow God send me these to review- I have learned a lot form them even though I must pass on the majority of them.)
     2. A true life memoir of a young daughters murder
     3. A parenting title
     4. A romance written by an unpublished author- word count iffy
     5. A cookbook for Dads
     6. A study for Pastors
 Genre's I recently rejected:
  1. A New Age sex Guide (really! It is amazing the subject matter we receive- this type of submission shows us the author has not done the research needed.)
  2. A memoir of childhood abuse (we receive so many of this type of story- heartbreaking but not an easy sell in the CBA market)  
  3. A Screenplay ( I do not represent screenplay's) 
  4. A short story about WW ll (No short stories) 
  5. A children's picture book (No picture books or children's)   
  6. A YA title that was too old fashioned in it's dialogue
There are many submissions in my email box that I have not gotten to. I will do my best but my contracted authors must take priority and I have submissions to make for them today- full manuscripts of theirs to read and some networking that I must research to help them sell the titles that have recently released.

I have industry blogs to catch up on and a book review I must write that I have promised an author friend.

It was nice chatting with you all today but I must get back to my stacks.

Have a terrific day and remember to pray for our Church Leaders, Our Country, it's leaders and for those in our military.

From my heart to yours,


Did this surprise you? Still wanna be an agent?




  1. Nope, didn't surprise me. :-) I would like to be a reader for an agent, but I'd never want to have to handle contracts, royalty statements, etc. Yuck! lol

  2. It would be a lot of work! I always thought I wanted to be one but not sure about all that reading!

  3. It's funny to me how people will send such stuff along.

    Agenting seems like an extremely difficult job.
    ~ Wendy

  4. Hi All, It IS difficult at times but very rewarding as well. Esp. when you connect an author with the right publishing house. :-) Just wished it happened with more frequency for mine.

  5. Doesn't surprise me. I certainly don't want to be one, but am very glad that others do!

  6. Wonder if being an editor is as much 'fun'?

  7. It doesn't surprise me, but it is interesting. Thanks for this post today.

  8. Hi Jen -

    When I see how many authors an agent juggles, it's daunting. I prefer being on the writing side. :)


  9. That's quite the diverse list! I can't imagine living the life of an agent...I admire them for what they do.

  10. I'm totally with Jessica on this one - I'd like to be a reader for an agent but that's it. :)

  11. I've been following (lurking on) several agents' blogs for a few years, so no, the workload doesn't surprise me. I'm fascinated by what I hear about the tasks, and would love to have been an agent... as long as I could still fit in time for writing. It'll never happen. :)


  12. You know, I've wondered about this and everything the job involves. Glad you shared!

  13. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into the life of an agent. It is easy to think that such a labor of love is easy, when it is really an enormous obligation.

  14. I have to say folks I also wonder what an editors desk looks like as well. I imagine similar to mine ten fold! Good thing we are where we all are supposed to be!

  15. Jeanette:
    I agree with Jessica and Jaime on this. I get the idea that being an agent could get stressful.


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