Monday, November 29, 2010

One Million Dollars, Tax Free

photo by flikr
  This week’s What About You? Question:

If someone handed you a million dollars today, tax-free,
what would you do with it?


I would:
  • Give 1/3 to the Lord--mostly missions;
  • Invest 1/3;
  • Buy two houses with the last 1/3:
one for us to move to when we retire, & the other one for my mom.

(The painting on the right is my dream home)

Your turn…


  1. I love the new look of your blog! Pretty!

    A million dollars...I'd give away 1/3, like you. Pay off debts, purchase a home, pay for college for all 4 kids, new cars for everyone (we have clunkers), then invest the rest.

  2. Good topic. To be honest, I am not sure our lives would change much. We would invest the money and tithe.

    On a side note, my wife loves that Kinkade fall image.

  3. Great question! I'd pay off my mortgage, adopt a couple kids, and stockpile some money for college educations. Oh, and maybe sneak in a fun vacation or two. :)

  4. I'm diving into dreamworld on this.

    Give a chunk away.
    Buy a boat.

    Those were my first thoughts.
    ~ Wendy

  5. After paying off all our bills, I'd secretly deposit some for family members who need help. I'd also donate to the church.

    AND>>>>I'd make sure our animal shelter was a NO KILL shelter and make low cost spay and neuter available to all in the county.

  6. First I would pray and give some away...then after being so spiritual I would bribe a publisher to publish my books. Then I would use the rest to get my children out of debt....wait I dont think I would have enough left over to do that - it would take the whole million!

  7. Definitely give a large chunk away or begin a charity or foundation that will continue to bless others.
    I'd maybe redo my house, but I kind of like where I'm at. A vacation place that we could all get away to would be high up on the list!
    Great question.

  8. I would give some away--our church has so many things it supports and it would be such a blessing to any of them. I'd pay off all our debt and put money away for the kids to go to college. Also, like Sarah, I'd probably adopt some more kids and buy a new house so we could fit them all :)

  9. This used to be a question that a family friend would make into an after dinner game every summer when we holidayed together. Now one million dollars wouldn't go nearly as far as it did then... it might just pay off the remaining mortgages on our families' homes but I'd like to have an equal amount for our church. While we're dreaming, ten million would be nice. ;)

  10. Jen:

    I'm dreaming along with you.
    I'd give 1/3 to ministry efforts here in my town.
    With another 1/3, I'd purchase a different home, maybe here, maybe in a warmer climate.
    The final 1/3 would be split in half;1/2 going in savings for our medical needs, 1/2 going for good reliable transportation for each of the three of us, Hubby, Son and Myself.

  11. I love daydreaming this way!
    First, tithe. Then pay off mortgage and all debt. With what's left, set up a fully funded emergency fund for ourselves and enough to cover our kids.
    Then... purchase our church building, send hubby on some mission trips he's been wanting to go on. Set up a year's worth of support for several of our missionaries overseas.
    And if there's some left, rent a house in the south of France next summer and go live there and write, write, write.
    Ah... dreams. What would we do without them?

  12. Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by my design blog! :) It's so nice to meet another sister in the Lord.

    I would certainly LOVE to give to the Lord's work, buy a larger house so we have plenty of room for guests and family, and save the rest for my sons to use for school/nest egg.
    Have a great day!
    "Mel's Coffee Break"

  13. I would tithe and invest and visit my daughter a lot!

  14. Hi Jen -

    1) There are several ministries I'd like to give a significant portion, including my home church.

    2) I'd purchase a house debt free.

    3) I'd invest the remainder, retire, and write full time.

    Susan :)

  15. Thought-provoking question! Definitely tithe and give a significant amount to several missionaries we know. Finish paying for our daughter's college. Invest. Buy some nice gifts for parents and family. Take a vacation. Start a business.

    Have a great week, Jen! God bless!

  16. Make sure those in my Community are taken care of and are able to do what they are called to do without care as to cost.

  17. What a swell idea to think about. I'd give some to my church and probably missions.

    What would be so cool would be to finance one of my dreams: finding a way to do a magazine, even hiring someone to help me with creative ideas - to promote them.

    I guess I'd invest some. Also, my kids and their families and my sisters would get dibs on some of it.

  18. Your dream home is so pretty! I love it!

    I would give some to church, put some away, and go on a trip! Somewhere warm...

  19. Church/donations, and a boat to travel.... I'd have to save the rest for whatever is next. :O)

  20. I'd do something to help people who have trigeminal neuralgia; give some to my church and to missions; I'd buy a big house where "we all" could live.

  21. First I'd do tithe and offering. Then I'd put the money in a trust or some other kind of high-interest yielding account. From that I'd use the interest to support charities and ministries. I'd also use portions of interest used to reinvest somewhere or to help others or to help myself. :-) Good question! Your dream home is very pretty!

  22. Jen, about like everyone else, I'd tithe & give some to some worthy causes, invest, & spend a little.
    Loved Jan's comment. :)



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