Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What? Another Giveaway? The Preacher's Bride by Jody Hedlund

In case you haven't had the chance or the money to pick up The Preacher's Bride... wait, that sounded odd.

In case you've not yet purchased The Preacher's Bride... oops, not much better.

Jody Hedlund's sensational debut novel, The Preacher's Bride, has been featured on every blog this side of the Equator, except mine. Today I'd like to remedy that, by giving away a free copy to one blessed winner.

I knew I was in for a treat when I met Jody's agent, Rachelle Gardener at a writers conference last summer, shortly after she'd first offered Jody a contract. Her words to me when I told her I was bloggy friends with Jody? "Oh, she is such a great writer." Folks, this was before any edits were done on Jody's books, before a publishing contract was signed, before The Preacher's Bride was a reality.

Now I know why Rachelle said that.

From the first page to the last, The Preacher's Bride kept me enthralled. Jody has expertly crafted a heart-warming but anguish-filled tale of sacrifice, danger, and love. Based on the life story of John Bunyan and his young wife, The Preacher's Bride will satisfy your romantic soul, but make your spirit thirst for more of God's power. I wept. I railed. I even caught myself praying for the main charcter!

My favorite element? The surprise ending! Do you love surprises as much as I do? I thought so. I guarantee you will heart The Preacher's Bride.

If you'd like to win this book, there are three requirements:

1. Leave a comment on this post before midnight, November 19, including your email address.

2.  Tell me that you are a follower or become a follower of my blog.

3. Give me your word in your comment that after you finish reading The Preacher's Bride, you will loan it to a preacher's wife you know would enjoy reading it. Please tell me the name of the PB you have in mind.

I will post the winner on Sunday, November 21.

But if you cannot wait, go to Amazon to purchase one for yourself, or to Jody's website.

Thanks, Jody, for all the time and work you put into this lovely, stirring tale. May many lives be touched by your writing. I am forever proud of you, dear sister,


  1. Jeanette,

    What a great review. I love your story of meeting Rachelle and hearing about Jody before she became a famous bestselling author.

    I'm not entering the drawing, since I have an autographed copy of the book, but you gave me a great idea. I'm going to get a copy of The Preacher's Bride for our pastor's wife.

  2. I own the book, but wanted to come by to say it really is that good!

    Also, I love seeing Keli up there. She is one of the most encouraging people!

    ~ Wendy

  3. Keli: You do that, honey. I'm glad my words inspired you!

  4. I would love to have the chance to read this book. I'm always on the lookout for good books to add to my collection:)


    P.S. I am a faithful follower.

  5. Hi Jen -

    Wonderful review! I agree with your high praise of Jody's book. I wouldn't be surprised if it wins an award or two.

    I've already read The Preacher's Bride, so I won't participate in the giveaway.

    Susan :)

  6. Hey! Just wrote a post for next week on Jody's book...but am not beyond entering to get a gift book!

    Do I LOVE surprise endings? YES! And have one in my "Reclaiming Lily."

    Blessings, dear one,

  7. Thanks for the great book review. I'll pass this information over to the book reader in our wife :-)


  8. This preacher's wife already has a copy of TPB on order (I'm making my local inde bookstore bring it in so am having to wait patiently... or not so patiently). I know Jody is a wonderful writer so am glad to see her first book doing so well... on the CBA Bestseller List, too. I agree with Susan that it's likely destined for some well deserved awards. :)

  9. Hi dear, sweet Jen!! Your review just made my afternoon! :-) I love your sense of humor so much! And I appreciate the encouraging words! Now I'm off to tell people about your lovely giveaway! :-)

  10. That does sound like an awesome book - thanks for the review!

  11. Hey there. The PB sounds great. I'd pass it on to Preacher's wife Lynn Coleman, who was instrumental in founding ACFW. She lives near me. Yes, I follow your blog. It makes my mornings brighter.

    Have been blogging on my other blog, the one for people who have pain. It's a lot to keep them both up.

    Love you!

  12. I already have her book and read it and thought she did a fantastic job on setting it up and making me cry at the end:) I am so proud of her as well!

  13. NOW I know which bride I'd give it to. I didn't comment before because I had no names in my head.

    For Pete's sake. I'd give it to my dear sister-in-law, Natalie, married to my preacher brother. She is mothering three kiddos ages 3 and under. She could use a small escape.

    I follow.

    I'm commenting.

    Is that it?

    Good job as always, dearie.

  14. Jen:
    You always have good ideas.

    I'd give it to either our Sr. Pastor's wife Sharon Hackney or to our Pastor of visitation's wife Wanda Smith.

    I do follow you.


    It was interesting you had some humorous phrases about acquiring the book. You provided my laugh for the day.

  15. I've been keeping an eye out for this book in Canada but may have to breakdown and buy on Amazon. I'm not sure if your contest extends to Canada but I do know a PB in my book club that I would pass this book along to.

    lp dot lynnjdesigns at gmail dot com

  16. Yes, Lynn, I will extend to Canada, my pleasure! Don't buy it 'til this contest is over...


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