Monday, December 27, 2010

What About YOU? When Clothes Become Friends

Today's What About YOU question? Do you have items of clothing you think of as friends?

As I type, I am wearing a pair of baggy pants splashed with bright red Hawaiian flowers on a black background. They shout, they sing, they hula dance in the street. But they are comfortable, and I need that on days I color my hair (shhhh! Don't tell!!!).

I also have on a ratty, paint-stained, once-black sweatshirt with "I'M BLESSED" across the front in rainbow block letters. I never wear this out in public, or I might be arrested by the Classy Clothes Police.

What About YOU? Have you a secret garment or two that you heart like a friend?
Please tell.


  1. Hmmm, nothing specific but I do love sweatshirts! I don't get to wear them that often though.
    I can't believe you color your hair! *wink*

  2. Jessie: A little paint on the barn helps me forget how old it is!

  3. My Young Life sweatshirt and my Ogunquit sweatshirt.

    Fun question.

    Hope you had a beautiful Christmas!
    ~ Wendy

  4. Okay...I have to be honest...I have a pair of shorts that are practically obscene in their shortness. They can ONLY be worn in the house without company around.

    I have had them since I was in my 20s and much thinner. Let's just say they are shorter now because my backside is wider...but I still wear them when doing a massive, messy project like painting a room or coloring my hair. I think there is a hole in them too...I may have to bury them and lay them to rest.

  5. I have a blue zip up sweat shirt that I wear around the house when I'm cold. I don't care if it doesn't match what I'm wearing at the time. Since I don't own a robe, it's also what I put on when I first get up in the morning (because I'm cold & I also don't feel like putting on a bra!). Then there are the gray slippers I bought at Target a few months ago. They kind of remind me of Uggs. I wear these all the time at home. (When it gets warm again, I'll slip back into my flip-flops!)

  6. My yoga pants. I wear them around the house but I also sneak them under tunics and long sweaters and such to work. It's SOOOO comfy and doesn't violate the dress code or freak people out like leggings would.

  7. Flannel pants with doggies and a gray hoodie. Of course, not for public display.

  8. Strappy sandals in the summer maybe. I like nothing about winter clothing at all! :O)

  9. Hi Jen -

    With wind chills in the single digits, I layer clothing. I might move like a robot, but I'm warm. :)


  10. I think it's a combination of colour and comfort that makes me reach for my ancient denim-blue fleecy jacket. I've worn it in place of a sweater around the house and in the garden for at least a dozen years. So far it has no holes or missing buttons so I'll probably continue to wear it for a dozen more years!

  11. A USAF sweatshirt my brother gave me before he retired from the service, and anything fleece.

    My best friend is a scarf girl. Always has a scarf!

    Happy New Year, Jen! <3


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