Friday, January 21, 2011

3 Reasons Why I Rarely Comment on Your Comments

I love you. You know that by now.
Yet you may have wondered why I rarely comment in response
to your comments on my blog.

I have 3 very good reasons for this:

1. If I comment on every comment on my posts,
it takes up time I want to spend commenting on your posts!
I’d rather pop over to your house for a bit than to stay in my house and say, “Thanks for coming over!”

2. I’d like to see an accurate assessment of the comments on each of my posts. If I log on and it says, “20 comments,” I know 20 people stopped by,
not 10 people and 10 me’s making comments back.

3. I hardly ever go back to see what someone said in response to a comment
I left on their blog, so I figure If you are like me, you will never see
the comments I make in response to your comments.

My two exceptions are:
If you ask me a question, I will leave a comment to answer it; and

If you say something outrageously wise or funny, I will comment on it.

Do you comment on your comments? Do you go back to blogs where you’ve commented, and see if there’s a response?


  1. Like you, I respond when the comments crack me up, ask a questions or the statement seems to require an answer.
    If I ask a question, I go back to see if the answer is there.

  2. I honestly do what I have time for. I'm always impressed by how Michael Hyatt addresses so many comments over at his blog.

    I do try to answer questions though.
    ~ Wendy

  3. I don't think there are any rules for this. Just be you. Go on a whim and have fun. HUGS

  4. As long as I have time, I like to respond to comments in my comments section. As far as going back to blogs to see responses to my comments, I do go back most of the time. I've figured out which friends routinely respond, so I make a point to revisit them. It can make for a fun conversation. All that said, I can understand your reasons for not doing it, and it's definitely an individual decision. Whatever works for you and your schedule. :)

  5. I have my comments sent to my email, so i can just shoot an email back to my commenters without having to go back into my post. And they can respond to me back the same way if they desire.

  6. I do comment back; I always thought it a nice courtesy for those taking the time to stop and see me. But you are right, it does take time and many (or most) don't return to see your comments. I will sometimes email people a comment, but their email address is not always available.

    I have been thinking I need to gain more time in my day, so maybe this is one way to do it. Maybe I will rethink my policy:) Good food for thought!


  7. Okay, the possum picture nearly sent me into hysterics!
    *heart palpittating*

    My comment theory is pretty similar to yours. It can be so time consuming.

  8. I agree. I'm happy to leave a comment and thrilled to receive a comment, but when does it end? It's like instant messaging... there's no clear way to end the conversation!

  9. I sort of have the same policy as you. The only time I come back to read a blog is because I'm interested in what other commenters have to say, not necessarily because I want the author to respond specifically to my comment.

  10. Jeanette:
    I also receive comments in my email. I have developed the habit of answering those via email.
    If there isn't an email address available, I try to visit that person's blog and comment there with a "Thank you."
    It does take time to respond. I sometimes have later responses to blogs I visit emailed to me to see how others respond to the topic.

  11. I'm like you. I don't leave responses to comments often or go back looking for responses to my comments. I was begining to feel like I should start, but now that I realize I'm not alone, I think I'll stick with what I was doing before. Besides, if my main reason for thinking of changing was to be like others, that wasn't the right motivation anyway, was it?

    No need to answer that question! :)

  12. I try to comment on mine. On others, if I asked a question or felt my comment was particularly witty, I might go back and check for a response. :P

  13. Once in a while I will comment on a comment but agree with your theory. Thankfully, I am incredibly wise and funny so you'll always pop over to my place for a visit... :O)

  14. It's a bit of a balancing act at times. My purpose in blogging is to develop relationships in the online writing community. It's hard to interact with people if we don't have some kind of conversation, so I always read every comment and then reply in various ways as time allows. If I can, I'll comment individually, either on my blog or on theirs; otherwise I'll make a single comment later in the day in response to several people at once; or I'll e-mail if something requires a more individual or personal response. I hope visitors at my blog feel their input is valued but some days it's hard to find time to get into lengthy exchanges with them. I should learn to be more concise!

  15. Hehe...makes sense:) For me it's purely situational.

  16. I try to comment on comments I receive, but I have wondered if anyone comes back to read my responses. I like the idea of responding via email though. I might start doing that again.

    Loved the picture of whatever that creature is!

  17. Hi Jen -

    From the beginning, I've responded to every comment. Sometimes people do come back and comment again. For me, it's a conversation.

    If time pressures make this impossible, I'll be very sad. I'm sure every blogging author faces this situation at some point.

    Susan :)

  18. I'm like you for all the same reasons. I visit all blogsters that commented on mine. I'll respond directly through email from time to time too.

  19. You and I are similar then:) I like to pop over to other sites and comment back there:)

  20. Hi Jen,

    as you know I don't have comments on my blog, but I do like to go back to others blogs and see what other people commented. You can kind of get to know people by reading comments they leave on various blogs. :o) . I always like to read the comments you leave on others blog.

    God bless you


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