Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fat to Skinny Fast and Easy

Ever longed to become skinny fast? Now you can!
My friend and fellow Hartline author, Doug's Varrier's popular book Fat to Skinny Fast and Easy has expanded…so everyone can get skinnier. And we all need that after the holiday feasts...
In the original Fat to Skinny Fast and Easy, Varrieur distilled the “science” behind low-carb eating and laid out an amazingly simple system for eliminating the chief offender in weight gain: sugar. Thousands of people worldwide have dropped 50, 60, 80, even over 200 pounds fast and easy following Doug's plan. Now, in response to requests from his loyal followers, Varrieur has created an updated edition that combines his successful strategies for lifetime fitness with more than 100 yummy new, low-carb, sugar-free recipes. That makes it even easier to melt away the fat fast while still eating delicious, favorite dishes…and to keep it off for good. For added ease, each recipe has a carb count--and the book comes with an inspirational, motivational CD, too.

To order, click on one of the Fat to Skinny Fast and Easy links in this post, and begin the new year healthier and skinnier! I downloaded the original book to my new Nook, so I can take it with me...


  1. Yikes, I'm such a sugar addict. Agave is my only hope on this front.

    Happy New Year, lady!
    ~ Wendy

  2. Sounds like a good one Jeanette.

  3. This sounds interesting, Jeanette! I've found that when I want to lose weight, ditching carbs does it. Hubby and I are working out together this winter, too, and it's so exciting to start seeing results from that.

    Your picture illustrating your new book (yippee!!) in your sidebar, along with this "Fat to Skinny" mention cracks me up. :) I get you, girl.

  4. All I see is that yummy ice cream cone with sprinkles on top next to the post...haha.

    Happy New Year, Jeanette!

  5. Sounds like a great book, Jeanette! As you may know, I'm such a health nut...I'm all for anything that helps others reach their goals in a healthy way. :)

  6. Sounds like a great book, Jeanette! My husband and I took the low carb, no sweets approach with us when we visited with relatives over the holidays. Okay, so we weren't perfect, but hey, it was a big improvement over previous years! Here's to a skinny 2012! God bless!

  7. Does this mean I'd have to give up chocolate??? Nooooo!

  8. Jeanette;
    This sound interesting. I never understood the carb diets. I might have to look into this.

  9. I'm hoping someone will come raid from fridge and steal all my Christmas chocolate! Sweets are my weakness, I must admit! I try to use honey over sugar as much as possible. Looks like a great book!

  10. Susan: You don't have to give up anything, from my understanding of the concept, you just need to limit your sugar/carb intake.

  11. My body loves carbs, but too much sugar and my lower half starts growing. Unfortunately my upper half never does. :-P

  12. Hello good looking, how I love that red hair :) Sorry it took a bit to chime in I was at the BUZZ NATION studios yesterday doing a national. For your followers.....NO you don't have to give up sweets, chocolate or ice cream! We have replaced them all with sugar free/ carb free replacements :) The FAT TO SKINNY eating plan is not a diet it's a lifestyle change which keeps you thin forever without giving up anything :) Check out the reader forum and ask the "losers" questions, they'll love the attention :) http://www.fattoskinny.net in the meantime here's where I was yesterday- http://www.fattoskinny.com/Daily_Buzz.htm

    Blessings in the new year to all :)

  13. 'Thought about ya allot over the holidays sweetie.

    Girl, fat to skinny...sounds like real magic here.

    Before I retired from Special Ed. I was diagnosed with high cholesterol. My coworker had a hoot over that one, I was the one who was always naggin' everyone to eat healthy.

    I was told I could not lower without all the liver damagin' meds. Well just try and tell me I CAN'T! Heeheehe!

    In the months over summer vacation I used the American Heart Association's diet as a kinda guideline and exercised like a fruitcake. Oops...do fruitcakes exercise? Heehehehe!

    My next office visit they were askin' me if I wanted to hold a seminar 'cause I had done the impossible. The bonus was a 28 pound weight loss.

    It was a lifestyle change...I haven't put it back on and I'm still prescription drug free. Woohoo!!!!

    I'm so sorry...I don't know what happened here...big mouth maybe??? :o)

    God bless you my sweet friend and have yourself one fantabulous 2012!!!

  14. This caught my eye. I am giving up sugar again this year. I'm going to try for the whole year. Last year I made it for 6 mo.

    I am not giving up carbs - no way. I can try to do low carb and see how that works. Thanks for this timely post.

  15. Thank you for this book recommendation, Jeanette. The way we treat our bodies affects so much of the way we feel about ourselves and even the way we treat others.

    I lost a significant amount of weight a few years ago. I lost 49 pounds, to be exact, and have kept it off. (Amen to that!) Although I did not use this book, I can testify to the fact that using some reliable weight-loss regimen is key. It's all about being accountable and sticking to your (realistic) goals, day after day.

    Every pound lost is a victory and a step toward a healthier lifestyle.

    Wishing everyone a healthy and successful 2012!


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