Friday, January 7, 2011

Lizzie, the Three-Legged Cat

Not Lizzie, but
same coloring
(photo by flikr)
My friend Joy called recently, asking if I could adopt her three-legged cat, Lizzie. Joy and her late husband rescued Lizzie from a dog attack when she was a kitten. After the vet had to amputate her front right leg, she recovered wonderfully, and doesn’t realize she’s less than perfect. She jumps, catches mice with one front paw, and even chased one of Joy’s dogs who was annoying her!

Joy recently re-married after spending two years as a widow. She and her new husband have five dogs between them, and the new Mr. Joy is not a cat person. Joy wanted someone to adopt Lizzie that loves and understands cats. What an honor that she chose me!

So far, Lizzie has hidden behind the sofa, in my office closet, and on the bottom shelf of my bookcase. In spite of her timidity in new surroundings, I hear her purring. She may be scared, but she’s singing nonetheless.

Scared, but singing. I need to adopt that method of facing my fears.

How do you manage new situations?  What helps you overcome your fears? Have you known someone who was limited, but didn't let that hinder them?


  1. When did this adoption happen? I love that you took her in!

    I don't manage new situations very well I'm afraid but I do give it a hearty try with a smile. Deep inside I get annoyed with change and I know that I need to 'roll with it'. A shortcoming...but God isn't finished with me yet.

  2. My daughter is a Vet and has had lots of three legged cats. they just ignored their limitation and still persevere forward. I think that is the secret! Recognizing what life has dealt you, accepting it, then saying ok let's move on.

  3. I often connect to God through worship. I remember one night I was exhausted and our dog made a major you know what all over our carpet downstairs.

    I got up and cleaned it and sang worship songs the whole time. I felt so close to God at that moment. Hard to explain. I wasn't scared, but let's just say I wasn't loving my task either.

    I pray Lord that Jeanette take on her fears with a Spirit of singing.

    Love cat pic. #2!

    ~ Wendy

  4. Keeping on dipping that baby toe into the water and moving forward. I like that scared but singing/praising..... :O)

  5. That's a good way to look at it. "Scared but purring." I'll have to remember that!

    Makes me think of a sermon I heard where the speaker encouraged us to "Do it afraid." The enemy wants nothing more than to paralyze us and keep us from doing, well, almost everything.

    One of my favorite scriptures relating to fear is Pslam 56:3. "Whenever I am afraid I will trust in you." Perhaps some translations say "purr"?

    Blessings for your weekend,

  6. I have several friends with physical limitations. I didn't think about them until you mentioned this adorable kitty. unny how that works.

  7. What a sweetie! (Lizzie for her persevering! and you for caring enough to adopt her!)

    I take deep breaths, give myself space, and lean on God's wisdom! Only way to make it thru. My hubby's always there helping too!

  8. What a great-looking friend--I hope your furry friend adjusts quickly.

    I try to manage change by establishing routine early. If I can gain some traction, the unknown becomes a little more bearable.

  9. Oh my goodness, I love your questions! I just watched this youtube video of this man who was born without arms and legs. I can't think of his name. But he's a pastor and he's quite possibly the most inspirational man living. I just cried when I watched this video. I was so humbled!

  10. "Scared, but singing." I like that, Jeanette!! You have such good eyes, seeing life lessons in the ordinary - even a 3-legged cat!

  11. My DH is allergic to cats so we've always been a dog family, but I know of a couple dogs who function very well with three legs -- my niece has one -- and it certainly doesn't affect the love they have to give!

    The man Katie mentioned is Nick Vujicic and he's a striking example of what it means to know what you can change in life, and what you can't, and to do the best you can with what you have.

    Like Mary Vaughn, I know several people with disabilities but I rarely think of their limitations when I'm with them because of their attitudes and skills. Most of them achieve more than I ever will! Handling my own fears... sometimes I just can't. But I ask God to carry me through the rough places and he always obliges. I find Psalm 121 very reassuring: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth."

    Blessings to you!

  12. Aww, you have such a good heart! I know she will adapt quickly with all your love. Is that a picture of her on the right? If not, please post one. :) Bless your darling little cats.

  13. Hi Jen -

    Oh, oh, I feel another quote from Beloved coming on! "Keep smiling. It keeps people guessing."

    Susan :)

  14. I've always heard true courage is being afraid, but venturing forward anyway. That's where courage is. I believe that fully.

  15. That's so wonderful that you took in your friend's cat! I'm so glad Lizzie found a wonderful home.

    I try to remember to pray when I'm scared or unsure of a new situation, and to remember that God's bigger than whatever this world might throw at me.

  16. I know a man who recently adopted a three legged dog, having lost a leg to cancer. And like Lizzie, the dog isn't hindered at all by his lost limb. To stay grounded in new situations, I always keep 'me' with me, even if it is just my daytimer, or fiddling with my cell phone. Kind of strange, I know!

  17. I have to think the thought that a situation, as bad as it is, could be worse. And I pray a lot.

  18. I love the picture you create here. "She may be scared, but singing nonetheless." A cat is happy when her motor is going. I don't have physical limitations, but I can sure relate to having the limitations of my fears. I'll have to try singing next time I'm afraid.

  19. You are THE MOST amazing person.
    LOVE that picture. What a happy cat!

    I sure miss dropping in this place and SURE MISS seeing my Jeanette. Just thinking of your smile is a balm for this wintery cold weather.

    Blessings, dear one. Prayers going your way.


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