Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine's Day Pact

Have you ever fought with someone you love? I thought so.

You may want to join me today at Army of Ermas for a fun look at the many fights we've had, and how we've managed to stay married for 36 years (today is our anniversary) in spite of them.


  1. We never fight! (just kidding)
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Jeanette:
    My Sunday School teacher, a man, once said, "If a couple never fights, then one of them is unnecessary."
    He also said," If anyone ever says,'We've been married 30 years and never had a fight.', they are lying."

  3. I prefer to call it 'gentle disagreements'! Heeehehe!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a marvelous Valentine's Day!!!

    Now go squeeze the stuffins outta someone ya love!!! :o)

  4. Hi Jen -

    Happy anniversary!

    Susan :)

  5. Jeanette:
    When our son was little, I used to call those louder than usual exchange of words, "Adult discussions." Meaning he shouldn't get into the conversation.


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