Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Works for YOU?

May I confess something to you? I am a list maker and goal-setter. I relish challenging myself with new aspirations.  In my flesh I am disorganized, discombobulated and daydreamy. All my super organization tools keep me on task, so I don't waste my life watching Leave it to Beaver reruns and eating ice cream.

I have a monthly planner on my desk at work, a weekly planner on my dining table, and a huge dry erase board in my office at home. I have drawn lines--with scented dry erase markers--to make four squares down and six accross, so I can have up to twenty-four items written on my board at any time. As I accomplish an item, I erase it, which leaves a blank square, but not for long. Within a few days, I've filled it up with a new goal.

Here are some examples of what's inside my sqares:

Pray ( I have 5 squares that say this, and they're all in red)

Clean off desk

Study message for Huntsville Mother-Daughter banquet

Find title for new book

Win a contest

Attend Philly conference in August.

Please don't tell me I'm OCD. This is how I survive and thrive with a full-time paying job, helping my husband pastor a church, and building a writing/speaking/editing career. And I love it. I think there's a word for it.

Discipline, maybe? It's not a drag; it's a delight.

What works for you?


  1. If you hadn't been so organised, I don't think you could handle all of your work/home so efficiently. Well done!!! I have it on my cellphone most of the times ;)

  2. I have my to-do's in my daily planner and on scrap pages that get toted around with me until everything is scratched off and it gets recycled.

  3. Would you believe it? The Lord directed me recently to erase the lines on my dry-erase board and only have 5 things up there at once. I must admit it's freeing. God always knows best!

  4. You are so motivated. I applaud you. I do have daily to-do lists and they keep me on track. If I don't get something imortant done, it just gets moved to the next day until it gets done. It always does.

    I am truly impressed with your schedule.

  5. Wow, I'm so impressed! I love organization too and have been embarassingly lax with it lately. A couple days ago, I typed out a schedule in half-hour increments that I can follow on the average week. Hopefully it will help me balance family life with writing life and everything in between.

  6. I'm with you! I like to think that I am organized, but I need the help of tools like this to keep going. Trying to figure out how to stick a post it to my forehead some days so I don't get busy and forget something...:)

  7. Jeanette:
    I recently started out doing a list on my computer. But it has fallen by the wayside. I have friends in Drama Ministry who have complimented me on being organized but I am really in need of learning new skills in this area.

  8. Yikes!!!
    Definitely not that. LOL I had no clue you were so organized! This is popping my perception of you as a spontaneous kind of gal. LOL
    Hmmm. Sometimes I make lists but mostly I don't. I just kind of have a mental idea of things I'd like to accomplish throughout the day and then I try to do them when I can.
    I'm pretty sure I couldn't do what you do though! Wow, congrats on the discipline and the not going crazy. :-) Very impressive!

  9. Wow, I wish I was as organized as you. I have calendars and some work-others, ... I'm not sure where they are. Can you tell I'm the more laid-back type? :P

  10. I'd like to try your white board idea. I've had several calenders and to do lists in the past, but only a check list recently. And know I am not as focused as I once was and could be!

  11. Jessica: I am half and half, spontaneous and organized. I think I over-organize to keep from being too impulsive,or I'd never get anything done but shopping and going out to eat! LOL!

  12. When we make our lists fun, they get done! Your color-coding sounds perfect!

  13. I'm addicted to sticky notes. They are everywhere but remind me what I need to do. I get great joy 'unsticking' them and throwing them in the trash when the chore is done!

  14. Jeanette, I linked to your post on a post I did yesterday...then came back here to see your comment about erasing lines. So, you no longer have the 24 squares?

    I'm enjoying your blog. Except for working full-time (which is a biggie) I share some life experiences with you. I ♥ your zest and enthusiasm.


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