Friday, June 17, 2011

Still Think God Can't Use Little, Broken YOU?

Think God Can’t Use Little, Broken You?
Noah was a drunk

Sarah was too old

Jacob was a liar

Leah was ugly

Joseph was abused

Moses had a speech impediment and anger issues

Gideon was afraid

Samson was a womanizer

Rahab was a prostitute

Timothy was too young

David had an affair and was a murderer

Elijah was suicidal

Jonah ran from God and was depressed

Naomi was a widow

Job went bankrupt and his wife was a shrew

Peter denied Jesus

The disciples fell asleep while praying

Martha worried about everything

The Samaritan woman was divorced

Zaccheus was too short.

The Apostle Paul was too religious

Lazarus was dead. ***

Care to change your mind? God is interested in your story, broken as you are. Someone needs what you have to share.

***(This list was copied from a Keruso t-shirt seen at a Bible bookstore)


  1. I would like to have that t shirt! Great reminder that we do not need to be perfect before God uses us for His will. Thanks J.

  2. Oh man, I LOVE this.

    Something really hit me with that last one...Lazarus was dead...a reminder that God can use us in any state at any time.

    It's ALL about Him.
    ~ Wendy

  3. Wow - this brought tears to my eyes. I really want that shirt!

  4. Excellent, excellent reminder! Thanks so much, Jen. You are an encouragement!


  5. What a perfect list.... it about covers any 'excuse' we could imagine.

    Glad you shared!

  6. I could use that shirt! Great reminder that God can use us whether we're broken clay pots or beautiful porcelain vases. Thanks, Jen!

  7. I am on that shirt somewhere and so glad He can use me! :O)

  8. That is wonderful. A great perspective for me. Thanks.

  9. Thanks for the big smile. Oh yes, Lazarus stunk, too. ;-)

  10. Hi Jen -

    Great list! I'm glad God extends mercy and forgiveness.


  11. Mmmm .... deep sigh. Needed this today. Feeling in adequate at meeting my goals, but maybe my goals weren't as important as where God HAD me and where He's TAKING me ...

  12. Jeanette,

    Oh, this is such a good reminder. You're so encouraging!

    I never thought about Lazarus that way before...he was dead! Wow, that sends chills down my spine. Our God truly restores doesn't He?

    Thank you for this post.

  13. Thank you so much for stopping by! I appreciate your prayers for my friend MB :)

    I love this post! It's always good to remember that God uses broken people.

  14. Jeanette:
    God used them in mighty ways, warts and all. I want to find that tee-shirt. I need that reminder.

  15. Wow, this was powerful. Thanks for sharing! (I might be able to relate to that worrying one). :)

  16. I have seen this and posted it before.

    How AWESOME it is to know that GOD LOVES ME, faults and all!


  17. I can identify with Zaccheus. Hee hee.

    And a whole bunch of the others, for that matter.

    Love it, Jen. Thank you for reminding us that He does, indeed, use cracked pots.


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