Friday, July 22, 2011

Blogging Habits Survey & Winners of Pitch for a Prize Contest

Are you up for a little informal survey today?

I'd like to know some of your blogging habits, if you don't mind...

1. How much time per day/week do you spend blogging?

2. What types of posts most interest you?

3. Are you less likely to read/comment on a post that is lengthy, or do you look for content?

4. Do you comment on only a few posts, most of those you read, or all of them?

5. Do you try to visit and comment on all the blogs of those who comment on your posts?

Thanks for your help. You are THE best blog buddies in the kingdom!

And now, to announce the winners of the Pitch for a Prize contest:

Carol J. Garvin was THE MOST helpful, completely revising the pitch to make it tight and bright, and emailing me several times to give me encouragement about the conference. But she refused a prize. How sweet is that? You don't get off that easy, Carol! I am awarding you this Your Blog Makes Us Smile Award. So there. I appreciate and love you!

I do want to give prizes to these three ladies who also helped me:

1. Sarah Anne Loudin Thomas, for your advice on convincing an editor why this book is unique. Duh!!! I knew that, but had obviously forgotten, and needed a reminder. Thank you!

2. Karen Lange, for taking time out of one evening to revise the pitch, then send to me via email--thank you!

3. Nisa, for your suggestion to use only one of my many paragraphs--thank you!

I will email you dear friends with a list of novels I have, and you can choose which you like.

For all of you who liked the pitch and said you'd buy the book--thank you, and I'll be contacting you when it comes out!!!



  1. 1. about 1.5 hours/day (I have several blogs)

    2. Inspirational - Bible based; witty perspective on daily life; pithy, practical advice or challenge

    3. I seldom read lengthy posts.

    4. Most all of those I read.

    5. Pretty much so, I do!

    (It helps being a speed reader & fast typist...)

  2. Thank you Jeanette, it was a pleasure to give you a hand. I am looking forward to the release of this book! :)

    As for your questions - I am not sure how many hours a week I spend blogging. Quite a few, and although I enjoy it, I need to be more disciplined about it so I can get more of my writing done. I don't care for lengthy posts b/c I try and get around to as many as I can. I comment most of the time, unless I cannot agree or find something positive to comment about. I visit the blogs of commenters first.

    Many thanks and blessings,
    Karen :)

  3. 1. How much time per day/week do you spend blogging?

    I try to write all my posts over the weekend. It usually takes a good two hours. I spend about 30-60 minutes during the week reading and commenting and tweeting other blogs.

    2. What types of posts most interest you?

    posts on writing, social media, reading, motherhood, romance....anything I'm interested in. :)

    3. Are you less likely to read/comment on a post that is lengthy, or do you look for content?

    I won't lie - when I see a long post, I start to skim.

    4. Do you comment on only a few posts, most of those you read, or all of them?

    Not all of them. Sometimes it's a time issue. I really want to read the blog but don't have time to respond. Sometimes, I don't know what to say.

    5. Do you try to visit and comment on all the blogs of those who comment on your posts?

    I used to! I wish I had time for this! I really, really do! But life gets busy.....But I do make a point to interact or at least try to with those who comment on my blog. Maybe through Twitter or responding via email to their comments.

    Great questionnaire today Jeanette!

  4. 1. 1-2 hours Mon-Fri. (often skip Thur.)
    2. catchy title unraveling into making me think post
    3. 500 words or shorter…good for me.
    4. Most.
    5. Try to, but gets tough sometimes.

    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Wendy

  5. 1. About 3 hours.
    2. Writing and publishing.
    3. Yes! I try to write short and I appreciate pithy posts.
    4. A few. Sometimes I just don't have anything to say about it.
    5. Yes. Mostly because there aren't a huge number and I'm curious!

  6. 1. About an hour a day, more on days when I am writing my blogs
    2. anything inspirational and motivational
    3. I do not read long posts, sorry
    4. I will almost certainly leave a comment on every post I read. The writer to time to write, the reader should take time to comment :)
    5. I have almost all blogs of bloggers who visit me on my blogroll (unless it's a really weird blog) and try to read one post a week, sorry for those who post every day. Boundaries!

  7. 1. 3-4 hours. Most of that comes from searching for pictures to coordinate with each post.

    2. I read a huge variety of blogs, but my favorites are the ones that are like sitting down for coffee with a friend, glimpses into the life and thoughts and opinions of others, whether it's about a craft project, politics, or spiritual matters.

    3. Content, content, content. I'm a fast reader, so length isn't much of an issue as long as the content is interesting.

    4. I comment only on a few.

    5. I try, but don't always succeed!

  8. That was a great idea, J, asking for help here on the blog. So glad you got what you needed. It should help you feel far more confident now when you go to present. I'm praying!

  9. I spend about 40 min- 60 min writing blog posts each day. I spend about another 2-3 hours searching the web and commenting on other people's blogs.

    I'm interested in posts that are inspirational and talk about everyday life or a specific hobby or passion. Mainly blogs that really show off the person's personality.

    I tend to not read lengthy posts unless they are very interesting. I do comment on most of the blogs that I read.

    I don't feel I need to comment on those blogs that comment on mine.

  10. First of all, I would love to have your book when it comes out. I'll be there to buy it when you let me know.

    1. I spend about 4 hours on blogs a week.

    2. I like to read about people and their lives. People are great.

    3. I return the posts I have recieved on my blog and then as many of my favorites as have a new blog. I only skip a long blog if I am in a great hurry, but I like smaller ones.

    4. I comment on all of the blogs I read. I can always think of something to say.

    5. I read and comment on all of the people who commented on my blog for that day and others.

  11. Jeanette, my time varies depending on work and other life situations. I do like a concise shorter post, unless the subject matter piques my interest. I do comment on most. Be sure and let us know the results.

  12. Congratulations to those who were able to help Jeanette. I also am looking forward to seeing her work on the bookshelves.

    1. It varies. I try to advance post several @ a time. But I try to read on other visits to Blogger.

    2. I follow writing blogs and Christian blogs.

    3. Content. I prefer to read things that make me think.

    4. I try to comment on each post I read. Sometimes the time factor gets in my way.

    5. Yes.

  13. Thanks so much for the blog award, Jen, although you make me blush. I didn't offer the suggestions in hopes of a prize. You know how the writing community is... we all like to offer support and encouragement, and we know presenting pitches can be especially nerve-wracking. I'm glad you received so much positive feedback.

    As for your blogging survey...

    1. I spend an average of three hours a week preparing posts, and up to another hour per weekday visiting and commenting on others' blogs, including time on Facebook and Twitter.

    2. I subscribe to a variety of blogs. Most are on writing or about the writing life, some are inspirational, and a few are also photography-related.

    3. Unless the subject is compelling I tend to skim through long posts. Length doesn't influence my commenting.

    4. Normally I comment only if I have something new to contribute to the conversation. If I haven't provided a comment over several days I will occasionally add a brief word just so the blog owner knows I've been there.

    5. Yes, I always make at least one return visit to the blog of someone who has left a comment. I might not go back regularly unless it's of special interest to me, but I like to stay in touch. I think it's important in helping to build online relationships.


  14. Nancy: You so remind me of me--I always have something to say, too!!

  15. Hi Jen -

    I have no idea how much time I spend blogging. Recently, I had to cut back due to starting a new job.

    Unless a long post has a strong hook, I'll skim. I read blogs in short bursts of 15-20 minutes. Right now, I've got another 10 minutes before I have to move on. :)

    Have a great day!


  16. I also look forward to your book!

    1. How much time per day/week do you spend blogging? This is seasonal for me. In summer it is less than 2 hours a week. All other times of the year it is 1-2 hours a day.

    2. What types of posts most interest you?
    Inspirational, writing, and photography

    3. Are you less likely to read/comment on a post that is lengthy, or do you look for content?
    Unless it is a blog I faithfully follow, I skip lengthy blog posts.

    4. Do you comment on only a few posts, most of those you read, or all of them?
    Comment on all that I read.

    5. Do you try to visit and comment on all the blogs of those who comment on your posts?
    Those are the first I visit!


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