Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Whispers from the Throne of Grace

When I say, "The Lord spoke to me," I don't mean I heard an audible voice. I mean in my heart, where Jesus abides, I have an impression, a nudge, a sentence or two that I know cannot possibly be from my pea brain, as I'm not that wise by myself. So please bear that in mind when I share the following whispers from the Throne of Grace:

"Don't be quick to point your finger at someone else and say, "They are so needy." You are needy yourself--you just cover it up well."

"The answer to operating like Me and living out of My life instead of your emotions and flesh is: love. Everything I did and do is motivated by love."

"Speak what you believe; not what you see or fear. Say who you are; not how you feel."

"When are you going to receive my peace? After the storm has gone by, and ANYONE can see it's calm?"

"It's easier to serve Me like Martha than to sit at My feet and listen like Mary. Martha wants to nourish Me; Mary lets Me nourish her."

Which of these resonate with you? Does the Lord speak to you in odd moments? How important is hearing His voice in your walk with Him?


  1. Hearing God's voice is very important to me. It keeps our relationship STRONG. But if I don't hear from Him, then I just search for the answer in the word. The pointing finger one really resonates with me. He is quick to let me know that no one person is greater than another and there are no levels to sin.


  2. These are all so wonderful. I like the one, "when are you going to receive my peace?" I need to tell myself this all of the time. Take his peace now. Trust him now.
    I love the way you hear from God. I enjoy it when He speaks to me in the way you describe. It's just about my favorite thing.
    Also, I want to say,I like the way you have been doing more "witnessing" lately. You do it in many interesting and creative ways.

  3. Jeanette, I truly love this post, so, so much. Yes, God has and does place messages directly on my heart, and twice I have heard His voice audibly.

    One message He recently placed brought me to tears. I have always been fascinated by space, and so watched a "Journey to the Edge of the Universe" on NatGeo. After that, boy, did I feel small. Our whole galaxy is small, not to mention our solar system.

    Well, I guess that smallness dug down deep. Later in the week, I prayed for my daughter's interaction at a birthday party. When I was done praying, I said to God, "I know you have bigger things to worry about than an 11 year old's feelings. After all, You made such a big, beautiful universe..."

    He answered, "She is the POINT of my universe. The rest of it is just window-dressing."

    Wow. I cried all the way home. TO think that we're THAT deeply loved. What an AWEsome God we serve!

    Oh, and my fave from your wonderful list is the one about speak what you believe. That really touched me.

    God bless you!

  4. Wonderful revelations, Jen. I'm nodding my head in agreement with all of them, while feeling the conviction of the Mary/Martha one the most. It's oh, so hard sometimes!

  5. Oh, I love this post Jeanette, thanks! I am working on a post about His voice as well, so I guess, we need to listen what the Holy Spirit is trying to teach us.
    Blessings, have a great week.

  6. I think those nudges come from devoted time in His Word, and it's clear you are faithful in that! And oh boy, that last one is so good and yet so convicting for a Martha like me. :)

  7. "Speak what you believe; not what you see or fear. Say who you are; not how you feel." This one so speaks to me as I know I speak out of emotion too often. This morning I practiced a technique on how to meditate on God's word taught by our Pastor this past weekend. And what I believe I heard back was "Do what is right in God's eyes. It may ache but wait-you are not broken with me." Thank J. Another great post.

  8. Oh Jeanette, I think the one that resonates with me is, "Don't be quick to point your finger at someone else and say ..." only mine would say, "I am more ________ than they are."

    Do not think of myself more highly than I ought.
    Ahh! So easy to fall into such "me" thinking. Harder to climb out for good.
    Thanks for these!

  9. Gwen: Wow! That touches my heart, too. Perhaps God led you to watch that program so you'd see how important you are to Him. Thanks for popping in and sharing,

  10. Mmmm ... the voice of the Lord is SO important. It's restful and calming in times of turbulence and convicting in times when He needs to reighn me in! :)

  11. Oh, yes, yes, yes! He has bent over backwards to teach me how His voice sounds, and I have learned to love it and Him.

    I just love this post. Learning to know His voice has been huge - enormous - in my spiritual growth, encouragement, and general walk with God.

  12. Jeanette:
    These all resonate with me. I have been going through a few things. I especially like the one about not pointing out someone else's neediness and the reason it ends with.

  13. Jeanette, thanks for sharing and being so open. Yes, the Lord reveals things to me anytime. Sometimes He has to be rather blunt to get my attention, though.:) But I live to hear Him.

  14. These all resonate with me; I can relate to them at different stages of my life. I suppose the one most current would be the one about being needy. This girl is confessing to be a work in progress. :)


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