Friday, August 26, 2011

Great News from the Conference and eReaders

At the writers conference I attended two weeks ago, four editors were interested in seeing proposals  for my books. One of them starts by publishing your manuscript as an ebook, and if sales do well, they publish in print form.

So... do you have and eReader? If yes, why or why not would you recommend the brand you have? Do you still read "real" print books?

Lastly, if you pray, please ask the Lord to give my proposals favor with all these editors, and that He'd place them in the right publishing houses to touch the hearts He wants touched through them.



  1. I adore my Kindle, mostly because I can get books quickly, and I'm often looking for a book as a reference or for a quote I remember but can't recall exactly.

    Other times I'm just too impatient to wait for a paper copy of a book and will spend a few dollars more for the Kindle version (over a used book- Kindle is cheaper than a new book) to have it immediately.

    I do read print books still, of course. Not everything's available via Kindle, and sometimes I just want the feel of a "real" book.

    Best of luck with your books! I'm interested to see where publishing is going. I just "ghost" wrote a non-fiction ebook for a client who intends to turn it into an app. So many new possibilities on the horizon!

    God bless.

    Rejoicing in the day,

  2. Hi Jen -

    I don't have an ereader, but I can download Kindle books to my computer.

    The only book I've downloaded is still sitting there unread. It's too uncomfortable reading from a computer screen. Give me a "REAL" book any day!

    Susan :)

  3. Excellent news!!!

    I will pray & no, we don't own one yet. So frugal we are. Yoda says we'll get one for Christmas.

    ~ Wendy

  4. "Real" books for me, please! Congratulations of being selected to have your book "e-booked"!

  5. Praying for this, Jeannette!!

    And I have a Kindle and LOVE it!!

  6. Praying God's favor upon you, sweet sister!

    I don't have an e-reader and not really sure I want one. Nothing compares to the feel and smell of a new book!


  7. I just plunged into the e-reader world this month with the purchase of a Kindle. I really like it so far! But I also still love paper books, too. So I guess I'll straddle the fence for a while. :)

    I hope you get great news on those proposals! Have a super weekend!

  8. I hope to do all my reading, except when I need to use the computer, from a book. I just love them.

    I am so glad you did so well at the conference and will definitely pray for you and your books getting to the place where they are needed.

  9. Don't have one yet, but plan to. Reason? To do all my reads for bk reviews on there.

    Have to say, any book that is a winner/keeper, will be in print form.

    But I don't mind reading from a screen, it's nice to read from one when traveling.


  10. I will certainly be praying for the right publishing house . . . so excited for you. Congrats, four interested editors . . . awesome.

  11. Jeanette:
    I will be praying for your work. Don't have an e-reader. I'm frugal. Prefer to be able to curl up with paper book.

  12. I use Kindle for PC on my laptop. I think Barnes & Noble has something like that. I can read fiction on the computer, but I prefer a real book for nonfiction. It's easier to page back to review. I seem to absorb the material better in print, too.

    I pray that your proposals will find a home with just the right publisher.

  13. Both of our daughters are major book fans. So when Christy moved to England as a missionary a few weeks ago, all of her books stayed here. So we got her a Kindle for her birthday/goodbye present.

    Here is her review after just a few weeks . . . a book girl loves her kindle. (10 reasons I love my new kindle)

    I thought you might like her perspective, Jeanette. Praying for the perfect publisher.


  14. My sis just gave me a Nook. I was never going to pay for an e-reader but since I now have one...I'm interested in trying it out. Very soon, I shall. :-) Congrats on the interest!

  15. You will be in my prayers Jeanette!
    I have an IPad as it fit my needs because of it's other applications. I also use it as an ereader and like it very much. I still do read print books too.

  16. Congrats Jeanette on the promising contacts.

    I don't have a reader yet because A) the kids are young and keep me too busy to have any time for myself right now, and B) Our closest bookstore is an hour away so I don't get to browse and buy for later reading.

  17. Three of the four branches of our family are all book lovers and none have an eReader. My one daughter is the fourth and she is teaching a media course in college so bought her first eReader this summer ... a Kindle. I helped her research different makes and it came down to the Kindle or Nook Color for battery life, features, ease of reading and cost. She decided the color wasn't worth the lower battery life.

    She likes the fact she can carry multiple books with her in the one device but she still hits the library for *real* books to read at home. Her young children also have books loaded on it, and I read stories to them from it during our camping holiday together, but can't say I would want one in place of my paper books. I have the Kindle app on my MacBook for the occasional book that's only available in electronic format, but I have to admit I haven't finished reading a single one of them. I think the eReaders are probably very handy, but for me they lack the magic and appeal of the bound versions.

    Congrats on getting so much interest in your books. I'll pray for God's guidance in finding exactly the right place for them. :)


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