Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Love Language of Gifts

Today is our Monthiversary. Since giving presents is one of my major love languages, I'll make up any excuse to give a gift. We started this tradition when we were newlyweds 36 years and seven months ago, with only a short break when our kids were young and we had to eek every bit of mileage from our dollars.
This month I am giving Kev a bag of Cheetos. A few days ago, he mentioned that he likes the crunchy kind better than the puffy ones. When I hear those little tidbits, I tuck them away in my brain for future gift-giving moments.

Did I mention I LOVE to give presents?

What is the best gift you've ever received? What's your favorite present you've ever given?


  1. Love your kind of celebration!

    My husband bought me a wooden sign with the name of a Maine town I fell in love with. It's up there as one of my favorites.

    Hmm, and gift I've given? Me & my sisters bought my mom a beautiful silver platter after she graduated and earned her MSW. I thought of a beautiful saying to have engraved on it.
    ~ Wendy

  2. One of my best presents ever, and very simple, was a spanish-english dictionary. My aunt got it for me when I was in ninth grade and I still use it. :-)
    I'm a horrible gift giver and so is my husband, but I'd like to be better because when people surprise me with things it really touches me.

  3. Love your excuses to give gifts. :)

    I've received so many lovely things that have touched me and I value highly.

    Great post.

  4. What a great idea! I love to give gifts too, and I just might adopt this idea if you don't mind. :)

    There have been many gifts that I've treasured, but my favorite gift is probably the trip my husband and I took for our 25th anniversary. We both planned it, so I guess you could say it was a mutual gift. It was a wonderful celebration of our years together. :)

    Happy monthiversary to you and Kevin!

  5. Happy Monthiversary!!! I've given spa gift certificates to pregnant friends and a Swavorski (sp) crystal necklace and surprise party for my mom, and a homemade peach cobbler to my husband (boyfriend back then). Those all were received VERY well. I receive a lot of "just because" gifts which in and of itself is a blessing because I love surprises. I've received a Nook, surprise party, crystal bracelet to wear on my wedding day, and much more. I'm not that good of a gift giver, but people bless me so much that I try to do my very best when giving to others.

  6. Happy Monthiversary! How sweet! My love language is giving gifts. I've noticed when I've given cards of thanksgiving to friends or workmates, they are preciously received. It's been awhile though. Time to start doing this again!

  7. Jeanette,
    What a timely post! Our monthly marriage small group is going through the 5 Love Languages video series. Both my husband and I are Acts of Service (which we discovered thru this series -I honestly thought mine was Words of Affirmation). ANYWAY, last month we studied Gifts and we were challenged to seek opportunities to give unexpected gifts, a practice we're continuing by the way.
    My favorite - my husband at a chocolate chip cookie and broke out all his macadamia nut pieces for me because they are my favorite nut (except for you of course lol!). It was cheap as could be, but as thoughtful as could be.
    Love you lots,

  8. I'm with your husband on the choice of crunchy over puffy! (in case you're tucking that info away -- ha ha).

    Gift giving for me is right up there for me! If I'm going out to meet someone for coffee or a meeting, I tend to usually look around to see what little treat I can take with me for her.

    I've had so many beautiful gifts -- ones that really touched me at the time, so it's hard to put a finger on just one.

    Perhaps the most recent is when my best girlfriend went to Europe this summer with her hubby. The gifts she brought back 'just for me' were so beautiful and touching... over the top. (The thing was I wasn't expecting anything grand -- I know lots of people watch their pocketbooks)...

    So talk about blessed when out from the packages came:

    - rose-scented perfume from Provence
    - Swarovski crystal bracelet from Austria
    - handblown glass from Venice
    - a cute teabag holder from Harrods in London.

    I felt SO loved by it all.

  9. How fun!!
    I think the best gift I was ever given was my first lap top computer after I graduated college. It was kind of like my husband saying, "here, write!!" so I did.

    The best gift I've ever given was a few months ago on my husband's 40th birthday. I arranged for his dad and brothers to go on a deep sea salmon fishing trip. The trip was great, but I think having the men together in one place for one event was the greatest thing. And it was a lot of fun to surprise my generally un-surpisable husband!!

  10. Susan: I love the unique gift of macadamia nuts! That must have taken a lot of time. Wow.

    Thanks for saying I'm your fave nut! I like that.

  11. Hi Jen -

    What a neat tradition!

    Next to the gift of salvation, my favorite gift was my engagement ring. My then fiance took me ring shopping to "see what I liked."

    As I stood admiring a sweet sparkler, he smiled and said, "we can do that today."

    I'm also a gift giver, so it's hard to narrow down one thing.

    Susan :)

  12. Oh what fun! My husband is the gift-giver in our family. He enjoys giving extravagant gifts - I'm the practical one! Favorite gift given? I recorded myself playing some of my Dad's favorite hymns and gave it to him for Father's Day. Favorite gift received? My daughter did the same thing for me! Talk about special!! Have a blessed week, Jen!

  13. Well, I really liked the Keurig my parents gave me this summer for birthday/Christmas. And I REALLY liked the coffee beans my husband bought, which I can use in the Keurig.

    Gift I've given? I love giving away coffee and have even added a grinder for someone special who was having a big birthday.

    Great idea you have!

  14. A mug to my mother with a picture of her's when she was newly married. She loved it and does not use it so it does not get spoilt by wear n tear. She says that she has keept it on her work station :)

  15. Fun tradition . . . and like the cruchy kind best, too.


  16. Jeanette:
    For our 30th anniversary, my husband surprised me with a beautiful ring. It proved to be impractical. I lost two stones out of it. The first one right after he gave it to me. I found that one. The second one about a year and a half later. That one I didn't find. We had to pay for the lost stone when we traded it in for a more practical one. Right now my fingers need to go on a diet so I can wear it and my wedding ring set again.
    We surprised our son with an Atari video game set up when he was nine or ten. Husband was laid off and saved his unemployment money to pruchase it. I got him a game cartridge and put it in this great big box and put a picture of Santa on the end of the box. The eyes in the picture looked like they watched us wherever we were in the living room.


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