Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seven Reasons I Heart to Hang out with Writers:

Hanging out with fellow-writers is a small taste of Heaven because:
1. When I use words like “obtuse,” "superfluous," and “pedantic,” they don’t look at me funny.

2. If I say “I’m working” when I’m home writing, editing or marketing, they believe me. They know that writing is work.

3. I don’t have to explain what a tbr pile, a wip, or a ms is.

4. When I ask for a book for Christmas, my birthday, and Groundhog Day, they never say, “What? Another one?”

5. Phrases like “slush pile,” “query letter,” "elevator pitch," and "book proposal” don’t draw blank looks.

6. When I save all my payment and editing checks to attend writers conferences, they don’t think I’m wierd.

7. If I tell them my heart beats faster when I find the perfect word, they nod, an understanding look filling their eyes.

Who do you like to hang out with, and why?

If you’re a writer, did I leave anything important off my list?


  1. Heeheeee, that's so true! Hmmm, I like it for the reasons you said. There's an understanding and a shared interest that is hard to find with a nonwriter.

  2. Do you mean "like" rather than "heart"?

    Jim "The Mean Editor" Watkins

  3. Ah, don't you just hate it when those mean editors don't "get" how you're playing with words...something else your writing friends can share with you. :)

  4. Jim: "Heart" is a trendy word for "love" or "like." You need to get out of your cave more often!

  5. Lately I've been more and more grateful for my writer friends b/c they get the fascination w/ characters and the time spent on a novel that may never be published and all those words you mentioned above. They just get it.

    ~ Wendy

  6. Writer friends NEVER run out of things to talk about!! THat's what I love. When we exhaust reality we hop into our imaginary worlds and off we go! :)

  7. I like hanging out with writers in hopes that their talent will accidentally transfer to me.

    I am still waiting though.

  8. Loved this post! Thanks for the late morning chuckle - I needed it.

  9. Jeanette,
    Love this!!! And especially Reason #2. :)

  10. Love this! Especially #2...not everybody understands that one.

  11. Jeanette, I can so identify. Need more of those writer friends around me!
    And you are sooo trendy - I heart you!
    also written as:
    i <3 u

    ~ it helps to have my kids' friends as my facebook friends ~ lol

  12. Artsy, creative people. I long to be around such friends because they understand you as a friend (at the emotional level) and you can have interesting conversations that go on and on...

  13. So true, especially #2. I like that I can chat about the author BEFORE discussing the book with my writer friends. My non-writer friends just look at me and say 'that's nice, Lynn.'

  14. Well, I've learned a lot about the process from hanging out with - you! You've been a huge help in knowing what it takes and how it works.

    It's wonderful to be understood! And it's exciting when someone you care about experiences success.


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