Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How Do YOU Say Goodbye?

Are you tired of the standard "Blessings," or "Love" that everyone and their parrot uses to sign their emails and letters? Me too.

When I asked on my Facebook Book's page how people said goodbye, my friend Ed Vandemark challenged me to write a blog post suggesting 25 ways to sign off. Let's see if I can manage this:

1. Sincerely
2. God's Best
4. Simply sign your name with no embellishment
5. Have fun
6. Goodbye
7. See You Later
8. Happy Trails
9. Yours Truly
10. Have a Great Day
11. Here's to You
12. God be With You (the original saying that was shortened to become Goodbye)
13. Never Give up
14. Bless You
15. Thinking of You
16. Fondly
17. Warmly
18. Praying for You
19. Forever Yours
20. Bye
21. Adios, Au Revoir, or Ciao
22. Best Regards

I couldn't manage it, Ed!

Can you help me? I need three more suggestions for ways to sign an email or letter. How do you say goodbye?


  1. ...rather abruptly at times, I fear.

    What's TTFN?

    Sometimes I incorporate something else I've addressed in the correspondence into the "goodbye line"--thus creating a unique and probably unrepeatable closing. Sort of like this:

    Quizzically yours,

  2. One of my dear friends signs his Keep the Victory. My Dad signs his Keep Watching. And I typically sign mine Much Love.

    TTFN means Ta Ta For Now.

    Great post.


  3. Blessings***

    Ha, my word verification is: undang. :P

  4. Sincerely yours
    respectfully yours
    love to hear from you

  5. If I'm connecting via e-mail to a fellow blogger, I'll sometimes say "Bloggerly hugs"...or...

    "Wishing you glimpses of heaven in those unexpected places" (or words to that effect).


    Till later,
    Until next time,
    Later 'gater,
    Chat again soon,

  6. Faithfully yours,

    Respectfully yours,

    Ba Bye!


    Talk again soon,

  7. My mom always signs off with "In His grip"

    I tend to write, "Look vertical, pray hard"


  8. Wow, these are great! Thanks, you guys.


  9. Oh this is funny!!!

    If I'm writin' someone I usually end with God bless and..........

    When sayin' good~bye to Farm Boy each and every mornin' as he leaves for work 'round dark thirty you'll find me hangin' out the door yellin' everything from hasta la vista baby to sayounara and everything in-between. We have no neighbors.....Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a marvelous day!!! :o)

  10. A former missionary friend used to sign her things, "In His Service."
    I liked that.

  11. Jeanette:
    This could be hard.
    Love and Prayers
    Love and Hugs

    This week I signed a prayer letter with the phrase waiting on Him.

  12. In Christ's Love?

    What a list you have. lol

  13. What a challenge. I sometimes say, "Take care."

  14. Depends who the recipient is, of course, but my family often gets "Love ya' lots", or "Missing you", or "With love and hugs". The grandkids might get "With love and a kiss on the tip of your nose" (or "... the top of your head", or sometimes "... a butterfly kiss for your sweet cheek!"). But those don't work so well for writerly cyber friends. :)

  15. "Appreciatively, Rhonda Schrock." That's one I use on certain messages.

    Or "Love." Which would not be the right one for the messages referenced above. :)

    Some people say, "Later."

    This was a fun exercise, Jeanette!

  16. Three of my farewells in email updates:

    My Strength Is In Him
    God Is My Provider
    God Is My Refuge & Strength

    Oh - and how about:

    Pressing on
    Moving forward

    Yeah, they locate my present state of mind. :)

  17. This is a fun question. :-)

    My sign-off depends on the recipient.

    If a friend or family member, I use "Smooches."

    If an acquaintance, usually "Cheers."

    If a business associate, "Best regards."

    Love your list! Did not know "Goodbye" originated from "God be with you." Thank you for sharing that with us.


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