Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not Worth Ruining My Marriage

How Do I Resent Thee?

I resent people telling me things I’ve known since I was four. Wait, that was a lie. I resent my husband telling me things I’ve known since I was four:

 Kangaroos originate from Australia

 Chocolate comes from cacao beans

 The sky’s color is a reflection of the sea.

When he tells me little facts like these, it hurts, offends, and angers me. My brain fills with all kinds of unkind thoughts. Sometimes they spurt out my mouth. Like, “If I’m such an idiot, why did you marry me?”

It’s Not About Me
I know it’s not about me. He doesn’t think I’m stupid. He has a teaching gift, and needs to explain things, or he’ll burst. I’m handy, so he explains to me. It never occurs to him that I may already know that it’s the man who determines the gender of a child, or that it’s against the law to marry your first cousin.

Someday I’ll Grow up
Someday I’ll grow up, and get over my touchiness. Or perhaps Kevin will find a friend he can explain all these little tidbits to, who won’t resent them (that’s my preference, but the Lord doesn't alwys do things the way I'd prefer). It’s certainly not worth ruining our marriage over.

What I Do Love to Hear
What I do love to hear is writing and/or time management advice that works for you. Agent Chip MacGregor had some excellent posts about this topic recently, and they got me to thinking about you. I’d love to hear your best writing/time management advice. Because I’m not married to you, I promise I won’t be offended if I’ve already heard it a dozen times, or if I’m currently using it.

And did you know that a cat’s brain is the size of a pea? Which explains why dogs are smarter than cats.


  1. I didn't know that dogs are smarter than cats! I thought cats are smarter:))
    No real tips from me--just turn off the computer and write:)

  2. Good attitude Jeanette. I work on the same thing here--being married to a professor and all.

  3. Ha!!! Great post, Jeanette. You and Kevin really are opposites, aren't you? Just like The Mister and I.

    Time management? I just know I have to get to the coffee shop eeaaarrrrlllly three mornings a week or I'm in deep weeds. I'm not kidding. That's where the column happens. That's literally all I can fit in right now.

    And if you've got some great tips, please tell!

    P.S. - You make me laugh.

  4. I have one of those husbands who, well, knows EVERYTHING! But I love him just the same...haha.

    My tip - Write often!

  5. LOL! You are too funny, Jeanette. The one thing that keeps me sane is my to-do list. Not revolutionary, but it works. :)

  6. Rhonda: My best tip is to pray for direction, and turn the TV set off. Oops, that was two!

  7. Jeanette:
    It has been said that opposites attract. I tend to be more outgoing than my hubby. He grew up in a farming community; I in an urban setting. That just begins the list for us.
    I find I need to do the BIC thing (Bottom In Chair) to get any writing done- blog,column, short play, newsletters.
    I do get side tracked easily. I need the discipline of making a list and checking off the things I plan and then follow through on.

  8. Ah, the things that can sometimes drive us crazy...from those sweet sweet men of ours.


  9. You are too much fun :) Wow. Uh, you totally got me off guard here, can't even come up with a piece of advice right now, haha! Just keep doing what you love Jeanette!

  10. Yup, also married to a professor. And no, I really don't care why the inside of that printer has all those little perforations on the doohickey-thingy, can't you see I'm writing?! :) Perhaps we need to come up with a list of writing facts to ramble off in reply. Hee, hee.
    As for time management tips, don't go on the internet until you've reached your writing goal for the day. (I'm still working on that one!) And make a to do list of manageable-sized tasks you want to accomplish each day. This keeps me focused.

  11. Now Jen, I could be "hurt, offended and angered" at that last bit of information. After all, I've been a dog breeder for 35 years, so I knew that! LOL!

    And any writing or time management advice I could share would probably be old news. Is it possible nobody has ever heard "Butt in chair, and finish what you start"??? :)


  12. Like Sarah, I'm a to-do list person. It doesn't always work, but at least it keeps me from forgetting what needs to be done.

    Also, while I like routine, I don't like being rigid. There is flexibility in my schedule. This allows me to handle the changing needs of family, church, job, writing, and business.

  13. Jeanette, your post made me laugh. My brain is crammed with trivia, and, like your husband, I often sprinkle my conversations with facts. Thanks for helping me see it from a different perspective.

  14. nice post...thanks for sharing...blessings soraya

  15. I just have to tell you Jen, that the sky's color is not the reflection of the sea. It is because all the color light waves from the sun are absorbed by the atmosphere except the blue one and so we see the sky as blue. At night when it is dark and there are no lightwaves bouncing around we see the sky the way it is outside the atmosphere - black. Sorry. Kevin and I just have to teach, don't we?

    Love you friend!



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