Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Your Perfect Life

IMAGINE a perfect day in your near or far future when you're doing exactly what you want and being exactly who you want to be. Record your vision on paper or screen by answering these questions:

  •           What are you creating?
  •           Who are you with?
  •           Where are you?
  •           What would it take to travel from where you are now to that perfect day in your future?
  •           What's in the way?
  •           What support--financial, logistical, spiritual, social--would make your vision attainable?

--Gigi Rosenberg, adapted from Workout Column, Writer Magazine, June 2011, page 41

I'd love to hear at least one of your answers to these soul-tickling questions!


  1. Great idea, Jen! Glad you shared it! Right off the top of my head, a perfect day would be spent with hubby and our whole gang. We'd lunch at Bubba's in Jackson Hole, WY, and then I'm thinking a visit to the Yellowstone Lodge for dinner would be nice.

    Will have to ponder this one some more, thanks!


  2. My daughter's wedding was one of those perfect days. Family and friends traveled - 275 of them - from all over the world to be there. All of my sibs were there. It was a nearly perfect weekend.

    The wedding was in a gazebo by the oldest lighthouse on Lake Erie.

    I think a perfect day is just sharing a togetherness with family and friends. I don't need anything else to sustain me.

    In June, we have my nephews wedding in North Carolina. That will be the next perfect day.

  3. Besides being with all my family (some live out of state,) I'd love to publish a book featuring photography with devotions/inspirational writing.

    You know, I hadn't really seriously thought about that until you asked those questions.

  4. I have a number of scenarios floating through my head, but I'd say holding the first copy of my published book.

  5. Jeanette:
    Perfect day #1- The next time we see our son. Hopefully it will be this spring. It will take money for gasoline and for food and lodging. We plan on going barring terrible weather and illness.
    Perfet day #1- The day I receive payment for one of my short essays, or one of my plays.
    I have to find the RIGHT market for both. I need to stick with it. That's the only way it will be attainable.

  6. the future is now...isn't life grand? :)

  7. Oooh, great questions! I like what Sandra said too though. I'd rather make today the best it can be. Although In the future I do see myself in Costa Rica again. *grin*

  8. Hmm, tough questions. Since I'm living in stay-at-home-mom land, a day all to myself sounds lovely. And I would write to my heart's content. :)


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