Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Trading Places or Problems?

“Would you like to trade places with Sandra?”
I knew that Voice. Had heard it many times, deep in my heart where secrets hid from everyone but Him. This time, it was a wish that I could make money as quick and deftly as my friend, Sandra did. And the Lord was not buying it as an excuse for jealousy.
I thought of Sandra, nearing forty and still unmarried. Although she lived in a lovely home, she had few friends due to her bossy nature, and her family was 12 states away.  

Never Mind

I reconsidered my longing to be like her.
“I’m sorry, Lord. I really don’t want Sandra’s life. I’ll keep my own, thank you. But could you please give us a raise, or help us find other ways to make ends meet on our dinky pastor’s salary?”
“That’s better, honey. Of course, I’ll help you. All you had to do was ask. I have plenty to go around for all My kids.”


Sufficient Grace

That little conversation between God and me was many years ago. At times, I am still tempted to think someone else has fewer problems or an easier life than I do do. Then He reminds me that I don’t want to trade places and problems with anyone else.
His grace is sufficient for me, where I’m at today. And He has plenty to go around for all His kids.
Even YOU.

Are you ever tempted ask to trade with someone for their seemlingly problem-free life?


  1. ...I guess one of the things I've learned in my 63 years is that NO one has a problem-free life. Even to those who have been "given", much is required.

    Your post is a good refresher course for me on this subject :)

  2. Great reminder, Jeanette. Beautifully written, as always. :):)

    Comparison is a deadly trap; ask me how I know. Remembering that no one's life is perfect helps to shine the light of truth right in.

    Love you.

  3. Good words Jeanette and a reminder I need from time to time.

    I love how you added that green eye of envy/jealousy.


  4. 6 trips to Bosnia will cure anyone of green eyes. it cured me. Love you Jeanette! I do wish I had your red hair though.

    Elaine W. Miller
    Www.Splashes of Serenity.com

  5. No, most of the time I'm very thankful for my life. Like you said, there are things we wouldn't want.

  6. It's funny, you never know about a person until you walk in their shoes...and if you tried their shoes on, most of the time you would see they really didn't fit after all.

    Great post.

  7. It's true, the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. Truth be told, if people had the opportunity to exchange their issues for someone else's, they end up keeping their own. Even though we don't want our own problems, they are familiar, and that makes it easier than taking on the unknowns. :-)

  8. this is such a sweet illustration of the Truth!
    i have never wanted to trade places with
    anyone, because i am confident that He
    placed me here and gives me grace to be

  9. Thanks, everyone, for your wisdom on this ever-present issue. I don't know why we women struggle with this one so often. Perhaps we aren't content with our own lives, and have read too many princess stories!

    I like your attitude, Jessica! I need to hang around you more...


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