Monday, August 20, 2012

Zits, Faults and All

It takes courage to say, "I like myself." Especially when you've sinned, hurt someone, or gone off your diet for the seventh time this week. And it's only Monday.
Can you relate to any of these:
  • I yell at my husband, even though I know it only makes things worse.
  • I don't pray as often as I think I should, or as long.
  • I get impatient with people, and complain about them.
  • I often let dishes sit in the sink, my bed go unmade, and my cats jump on the counter.
  • I eat too much and exercise too little. 
Sometimes I thinkWill I ever grow up? When do I practice what I've been preaching to others for thirty years? I'm a mess.
At a writers conference I attended, Cecil Murphey prayed a simple little prayer that I later jotted down and stuck on my fridge, "Loving God, show me the truth about myself, no matter how wonderful it may be."

God sees the wonder of you and me, no matter how much junque is still there. That gives us courage to continue to:
  • like ourselves in spite of our plethora of flaws,
  • bring our messiness to Him to fix,
  • love others, no matter how imperfectly.
God knew what we were like before He created us, sent Jesus to die for us, and called us to Himself. He is not overly concerned about our faults. He wants us to grow up, but it just doesn't ruin His day like we might think when we aren't mature yet.
Besides, if we were perfect, no one could stand to be around us.
I am gathering up the courage instilled in me by the God of glory and His lamb, Jesus. I dare to say, "I like myself, zits, faults, and all." Won't you join me?


  1. Wow, I really needed this so much. Bless you my friend. I will join you. I like myself, zits, faults,and all. Since my stroke, been very hard on myself.

  2. Thanks for this Jeanette! I needed this today. There are some things I like about myself, but also many I don't. I will work on your challenge.

    Blessings, Jeanette.

  3. I love this post today!! It isn't easy to say we like ourselves and would try today!

  4. What a perfect prayer and thought to ponder. Thanks for sharing that with us Jeanette.

  5. Loved that prayer. I'm jotting it down too.

  6. So glad my revealing of my faults and committment to like myself in spite of it has encouraged you today, friends.

  7. So very, very true! You're such an encourager. :-)

  8. Even the zits??? oh, okay.... :)

  9. This is so great. I really enjoyed this. I often wonder why He tolerates me. But I realize that His grace goes so deep that He loves me 'warts and all.'

  10. Hey, Jen, I needed this! I once read a bit, "God loves you so much that if He had a refrigerator your picture would be on it." I don't know who wrote that sentiment, but it stuck with me.

  11. Jen,

    We own this book pictured in your post. It caught my eye when reading my blog roll a moment ago. I bought the book for my girls because I want to instill in them a healthy love of self, on good hair days and bad ones! ;-)

    Thank you for this post and sharing with us your moments of self-doubt. I often wonder when I will stop asking God to forgive me for the same old mistakes. And then I realize His love is that of a parent for a child--it is endless and runs deep.

    Enjoy your week!


  12. Believe me, friends, I am my own worst critic when it comes to the Zit, especially the soulish ones like yelling at my honey.
    But I can't grow if I'm always down on myself. I need to extend grace to me as well as others. Thanks for your words of encouragement!

  13. I love this post. I love the prayer, the lion/lamb picture and the kindness of the thoughts you have shared. I can surely relate to some of those flaws. So glad God's love takes it all in.

  14. Man, our faults are almost identical! Hey, sister! :-) Yeah, being a believer means being honest and authentic, and I do join you in that endeavor. Let's keep plugging!


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