Thursday, November 29, 2012

Laddie, Come Home

When my husband flies out of town for a few days, I plan all I’m going to accomplish. No loud Southern Gospel music, I think. No bumping into each other in the kitchen, or his snoring waking me up twice a night. I’ll sit in my office and write Vista articles, listen to nothing but birdsong, and sleep the night through.

We chat all the way to the airport, and our kiss at the curb lasts extra long. On the way home, I sing and grin, anticipating the next four days of A Little Peace of Quiet.
When I sort the mail that afternoon, I silently toss my husband’s in his empty recliner. That seems odd, I think, not to hear music or see the TV on. Oh, well, all the quiet will help me concentrate on my writing. I eat alone while reading the paper and muse, News isn’t much fun when there’s no one to complain about it with. Oh well, he’ll be home in four days. I’ll save up my gripes ‘til then.
Sleep comes slow, with that vacant pillow and half a bed beside me. Although the cats fill up the empty space, they refuse to snore. I wake up five times during the night.
Over the next three days I finish a book I’m working on, write several articles, and never once run into anyone in my kitchen. But I notice I’m telling the checker at the market a lot more information than she wants to hear. And I’m tired from lack of sleep.
Finally, my vacation ends, and I rush to the airport, my heart aglow. “How’d it go?” he says as we wait for his luggage.
I squeeze his arm, smile and say, “Oh, fine. But next time, I’m coming with you.”
When your husband, boyfriend, or pet is gone for a few days, do you find yourself saying, "Laddie, come home"? Or do you enjoy the vacation?


  1. Oh, I never sleep well when he's gone or I'm out of town. And I just plain miss his company. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, they say, and I think there's a ring of truth to it~

    1. I think so too, Shelly!

      Thanks for stopping by today,

  2. When two have become one, it is truly empty without the other. I totally get this post!

    1. Glad you get it, Parsley! How long have you been married?

  3. lol. I've done the same! Can't wait till I "get some peace and quiet" and to "do what I want w/out interruptions" then can't wait till he gets home.

    Can't live w/them (or so the saying goes) and can't live w/out them.

    Funny humans, we are.

  4. I cannot stand being apart from eddie or coco.

  5. I am currently in that situation. My husband and my dog are both far from me. In fact, all of us 3 are currently in different places. Pretty far places. I am currently enjoying my vacation but I think it would be merrier if my husband or both of them are with me.

    Sometimes, no matter how beautiful the place is, if your husband/better half is not with you, it will not be as much beautiful as it would be if you are together in that place. And even if the place is not so awesome, but if you are with your loved ones, that can be the most beautiful place on the earth.

  6. The one time a year my husband goes out of town, we always made it better by having a big girls' slumber party in my room with all 3 daughters while he was gone. But now they're too old for that, so it's lonelier. Yes, I do both, definitely.

  7. Hi Jen -

    When my husband was alive, I couldn't wait for him to get home from a distant job. He must have felt the same way because he'd drive 6-8 hours rather than staying at a hotel.

    Susan :)

  8. I have an enjoyable rhythm to my day when Dave travels. His journeys are short, not the long much harder trips he took when the girls were little.

    I often think how hard it is for military wives.



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