Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Call it Like I See It

When I learned ten minutes into our honeymoon that my husband thought differently than I did, I wasn’t surprised.  What does surprise me after thirty-eight years of marriage (I was five when I said, “I do”) is how we define the same situation. In case you’re thinking of getting married and would like some warning  . . . oops, I mean preparedness training, here are a few examples.
  • She walks into his den and her toenails curl as the surround sound blasts from his twenty-inch speakers. She calls it “noise.” He calls it “sensory participation.”
  • She rises at dawn and peels out of the driveway to spend a day of shopping with her bestie. He refers to it as “debt escalation.” She refers to it as “shopping therapy.”
  • If she leaves the toast in too long, it’s “burnt.” If he leaves steaks on the grill too long, they’re “blackened.”
  •  If she asks, “How do I look?” and he says anything other than “gorgeous,” he gets blackened toast and leftovers for supper. If he asks, “How do I look?” she takes it as an engraved invitation to point out every lint speck and wayward hair, without any argument from him.
  • When she drags him to a chick flick, she calls it “sensitivity training.” When he tells his buddies about it the next day, he says it was “sappy.”

I’m thankful God made us different, indeed I am. I just wish that four decades ago, someone had written this article for me. It would have saved us a ton of arguments . . . ah, I mean discussions.
Do you and someone you are close to have very different viewpoints on the same issues?




  1. LOL! When my late husband saved something, I called him a packrat. When I saved something, I was sentimental.

  2. Great Jeanette. We have regular debt escalation/quality friend time here as well. The Mrs. and I have lots of different views, but are similar enough on the main points to survive.

    1. I'm happy you're working to keep the misunderstandings down, Slamdunk. I commend you!

  3. LOL! Loved this!

    Eric and I are total opposites!

    1. Thanks, Loree! I think most marriages are composed of opposites. If we were alike, we wouldn't get along at all!

  4. Jeanette:
    Hubby doesn't like to watch a movie or television show more than two times. I prefer to watch certain shows and movies as often as I possibly can.
    He watches some sports shows, the military channel, old western reruns. I prefer the police/detective shows. He calls what I watch "soaps." I haven't found the right word to call what he watches anything.

    1. Quiet: That's funny. You probably are better off not trying to label his type of shows!


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