Thursday, January 31, 2013

Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Kev and Jen at Deer Valley Ranch, Nathrop, Colorado

Since Valentine's Day is our Anniversary, we celebrate it in a big way. We always make wish lists,  so we won't surprise each other with gifts we'd rather not have.

Our first Christmas together, I thought it'd be fun to sew cartoon character appliques on undershorts for Kevin. It was fun. But only for me. When Kev opened my idea of a special gift, he gave his best imitation of a smile and said, "Oh, thank you," in a way that I knew meant, "You have got to be kidding."  Since then, I've tred to avoid that scenario by asking for a list of what he really wants. And he, gentleman that he is, does the same for me.

This year I only have two things on my list: A woodwick candle and a heart-shaped box of chocolates--all dark, please.

I know, I know, you pay more for the box than the candy. But that's what makes it romantic. It makes me feel like a princess that my honey would take his hard-earned president's portraits and buy me a fancy box with a smattering of chocolates inside,  just because he wants to please me.

What kinds of gifts make you happier than a frog at a family reunion of flies?

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

Were you aware that the greatest demonstration of love in history came from a simple carpenter-turned-preacher named Jesus? See the Bible, the book of John, chapter 3, verses 16-17.


  1. Yes, we celebrate valentines day. We go out to dinner to our favorite resturant. Eddie always buys me candy, and stuffed animals.

  2. Ha, I adore dark chocolate, too. And milk and white, and...oh well you get the picture! We do something-at least cards or more if possible.

  3. We celebrate Valentine's day- the usual card, a heart shaped box of chocolates,(but maybe not this year)* maybe a stuffed teddy bear.

    I had to reschedule my hair appt. She had two slots open for what I needed. She and I decided on Feb 14th. Then Hubby asked me later when my appt was. He jokingly said something about taking me out to eat. We'll have to see.

  4. Well that makes it an extra special day for you two. Since becoming parents a decade ago, our V-Days have become limited. Flowers and a carry-out dinner of her choice work well; the children remain our treasures and we try to involve them in everything.

    Enjoy your weekend Jeanette.

  5. I love the beautiful heart-shaped boxes. Since hubby passed away, I no longer celebrate.

  6. Thanks, everyone, for your comments.

    I am sorry, Susan, that this day reminds you of your hubby's passing. That has to be rough.

  7. Oh, Jen, I am so with you on that box of candy. There is something so romantic about the red heart box. I love the kind with a rose on it or lace or some silly frill. I don't know why, I just do.

    Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. You are so blessed to have an anniversary on this day. I'll be thinking of you on your special day when love is in the air.


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