Thursday, March 14, 2013

Handling Horrible Happenings

Ever experience one of these horrible happenings? 
1.      You try a new restaurant in town. The food tastes marvelous, but both you and your dining companion end up sick afterwards. Do you give the restaurant a second chance, or decide never to return?

2.      You send your assistant to a local hardware store for supplies. When your assistant returns, she tells you that the entire time she was checking out, the young sales girl chatted on the phone with her boyfriend. Do you call the store manager and apprise her of her rude employee, or let it slide?

3.      Your mother’s best friend criticizes you for not taking better care of your mom, quoting the Bible verse that says, “The person who doesn’t care for their aging parent is worse than an infidel.” Do you forget the comment, knowing in your heart that you’re doing your best? Or do you decide never to speak to Mom’s friend again?

Horrible Happenings abound in every life. They are different for each of us. But we must decide how to handle them in ways that please the Lord, and give us peace of mind.

I pray that whatever horrible happenings you must handle today, Jesus will give you grace, wisdom, and strength to overcome.
BTW, how would you handle one or more of the horrible happenings listed above?




  1. Jeanette, you ask tough questions. Until one of the situations you listed happens to me, I'm not sure how I would react. I would hope it would be with grace and dignity.

  2. I'm with Barb - would hope for grace and dignity. The second one I'd probably let pass since it was second-hand information; and the third I'd try to treat with grace after sorting it out to be sure that I was doing the best I could.... The first? I'd probably try a second time (since I'd hope for a second chance if I messed up).

  3. Thanks, Barb and Rebecca. The restaurant snafu actually happened twice, but who's counting?

  4. I'd give the restaurant another chance, :-) but if it happens twice, cross it off, but I would let the restaurant know if it happened twice,

    the sales girl? well, if I were there, I'd let her know how rude that was, but for second hand info, let it go....

    as for the the third, smile even if it kills you, not worth ruining a friendship for, even if it is your mom's friend, but I would think that the said person, could have asked to understand why yo have your mom there......

    (just my take on all this, :-)

  5. Jeanette: The restaurant thing happened to my son and me. It was a local pizza place. I prefer not to go there. He gave up and went for carry out. I have had some bread sticks from there when he brought them home.

    The hardware store scenario is tough. The clerk could come back with a "reason" or not. The owner/manager might like to know how his help comes across to the customers.

    If it were me, I can't say what I would do. I have to experience the scene before I can comment on what I would or would not do.


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