Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Managing Difficult People

Difficult People: everyone has a few in their life.
When the Lord reminded me recently to pray for and bless a person who had earned the Horribly Rude and Prideful Award, I tearfully obeyed. It wasn’t fun, and I made some shocking discoveries about my own faults mirrored in others.

Then I wondered: am I a difficult person for someone else, or many others? Is a brother or sister praying for and blessing me, because I’m a thorn in their side? Gosh.

I’ll bet you know of a difficult someone who needs your prayers today.  Will you do it, just to spite the devil?


  1. I struggle with this at times, with one person in particular. But the Lord gently reminds me that if the situation were reversed, I'd appreciate other's prayers. I confess to be a work in progress. :)

  2. I sometimes wonder if something I do really bugs someone else. I try to remember that when someone is really buggy me.

  3. I do pray for difficult people. I'm a difficult person at times - just ask hubby. One thing my mother always taught me is that we don't really know someone until we've walked in there shoes. God has shown me this more than once lately when I can't see beyond my own nose...

  4. I pray for them -- that's never the problem. It's when God prods my conscience and says I should do more. There is one particular person, quite elderly, who is opinionated and confrontational... very stressful for me to be around... and yet I need to remember that she is also probably lonely and frustrated by some of her limitations. Praying for her doesn't take much effort, but driving her to the store or inviting her over for tea...? I pray to be more loving.

  5. I'm sure I bug people sometimes. My sister made sure I knew it when I was a kid. :) I so appreciate when others are gracious with me.

  6. If I want grace extended to me, then I must sow grace into others' lives. I always think of the servant who was forgiven much but then refused to forgive someone who owed far less. It's a sobering reminder.

  7. This is a hard one for so many of us, Jen. Yes, I pray for someone in particular who acts as if she almost relishes in antagonizing me and my family. I don't know what this lady's problem is and, yes, I've asked with no real response ensuing. My guess is she's unhappy with the choices she made in her life, and she releases some of that unhappiness by rattling others. Still, yes, I do pray for her, and I respond to her respectfully, even when she's kicking us in the teeth. My mom once told this badgering lady off, which I will admit made my heart glad. Lol.

    Anyway, a friend at Bible Study told me something insightful recently that applies here: It takes one to forgive, and two to reconcile. So part of my prayer for this lady is that God help her learn to associate with people in a healthy, loving way, because until she does that, the broken relationships with us and who knows how many others continue.

    Interesting post. Be well, my friend!


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