Tuesday, September 10, 2013

What is Your Clutter Tolerance Level?

This is not me!
I can tolerate an unmade bed or dishes in the sink. But piles of papers, books, and clothes muddy my thoughts and inhibit my creativity. I'm not OCD, but I do like a fairly neat environment, or I become distracted and find it hard to concentrate.

Plus, taking thirty minutes to find a bill or a set of keys distracts me from what I consider my true purpose: to love God an others.

Not everyone is wired like that. My husband likes his piano cluttered with music and books, so that people will see he's a working musician and that our piano is not simply a showpiece. Another genius worked at the desk below:

Wanna guess who's this is?
How much clutter can you tolerate? Does it distract you, make you crazy, or do you operate just fine with a desk like the one above? If you guessed it was Einstein's, you were right!


  1. I can handle a little clutter, but not too much.

  2. Some is OK, but too much and it not only distracts me, but makes me feel suffocated.

  3. After one day, clutter needs to be cleaned up.

  4. I have to go stand in corner. I am a "Clutter Queen", I can work around it. But when I am looking for something, I find myself picking up the STUFF or at least neatening the stacks.

  5. I don't like dishes in the sink, but I can leave them if I have too - for awhile. Same goes for the bed. I really like things organized because I have so much to be responsible for!!! My family on the other hand is the opposite - - so I have to learn to coexist with mess! sandie

  6. My desk is my biggest clutter catcher. A week ago, it reached the critical stage, and I finally cleared it off. Ah, if I could only keep it that way, but projects have a way of spreading out.


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