Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Hypocrite's Prayer

Lord, I write about grace, preach to others on grace, yet struggle with waves of doubt, and wonder if I am good enough to receive your favor.
I fill my stories with chuckles to bring others to places of joy, yet sink in despair. I cover my face in my hands and weep for grief that I’ve disappointed You, worry when my babies are hurting, or rail over the state of our nation.

I am a hypocrite, Lord. Rescue me from my untruthful self. Am I full of grace, sharing with others, or trying to convince myself? Am I brimming with joy and want others to join me in the dance, or trying to help myself up from my own pit?
You know me, and how best to fix me and make me true. I cannot fix myself.
When I measure me by the standard I’ve set for me, I am crooked, broken, a mess. So I need You to measure me by the standard You have set for me, and show me how You see me.
Only then can I be whole and free to share with others the real me—the me I am becoming through Your love.

Only then will I write words that speak of grace from a full heart, laughter from a full soul. I will dance with the truth and others will join me.

What mirror do you most often look in--the one you designed, or God's word, which shows you who you really are?

I guarantee if you'll dare to believe what God says about you, you too will dance with the truth!


  1. Thanks so much for 'putting it out there' Jeannette. Remembering that each of us is human but given the opportunity for God's grace to make up for our shortcomings is such an important part of each day.

  2. Thank you for this, Jen. It is your human-ness that occasionally makes you self-doubt. This is true for you and everybody else! When we remember that we were made in His image, our mind starts to consider how He sees us.

    Beautiful piece. Be well, my friend.

  3. I can't tell you how much I love this, and it came at a time I really needed to read it. Thank you!

  4. Jeanette:
    This is so touching. We all fall short of the glory of God, The amazing part is that He loves us ANYWAY, Thank you for your transparency,

  5. Hi Jeanette! Well, you are not the only hypocrite around here. I feel the same way sometimes. It's often easy to preach about love, but really hard to apply it.
    But we know that Jesus is just waiting for us to invite him in to 'fix' us.
    So let's get dancing! Let's ask and be healed and move forward doing a fancy two-step. Sound good??
    I am blogging in a new home. I'm now at
    It was a big leap, but I hope I'll grow to love it!

  6. Beautiful and so exactly true. Thanks Jeanette. Check out a message I am sending you. Florida is quite nice, come on down. Love to you Am praying for your mother.

  7. Thank you so much for your transparency! I so resonate with this piece. It could be me. You're such a blessing in my life! <3

  8. Jeanette,

    It is in our brokenness that God uses us to minister to others.

    God bless you.

  9. Oh, Jen, I think this rings true for so many of us. I'm thankful that God sees us through the lens of His Son, Jesus Christ. Each day may we be conformed to His image and know we're a work in progress.

  10. Ah Jen, how I can relate! I look too often in the mirror of my design rather than of His design. Thank you for this reminder. Sending hugs your way! :)


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