Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Favorite Christmas Movies

Do you have a favorite Christmas movie, one you never tire of watching? Ours is Silent Mouse, a made-for-TV movie from the 80's. Starring Lynn Redgrave as the narrator, Silent Mouse is the story of how the famous carol, Silent Night, was written, with a bit of literary license thrown in.

The main character is a mouse named Nonny. Her full name is A. Nonny Mouse. I love that!

Unfortunately, it's only available on VHS. We keep looking, hoping to find it on DVD. We've played our copy over 20 times--it's that delightful!

So. . . what about you? What's your favorite Christmas Movie? How many times have you viewed it?


  1. Ours is the Christmas Carol with the Muppets and Michael Cain as Scrooge. We still watch. We also like Home Alone.

  2. Well, ours is not a movie, but a dvd of the Gaithers: Christmas in the country. We play it almost every day in December!

    1. Ahhh... nothing like Southern Gospel mixed with Christmas music, Marja!


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