Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Are you broken? Me too.

Are you broken? If you said 'yes,' good for you. You realize you're not perfect and need help. We're all broken in one place or another. That's why we have a Good Shepherd, Jesus, to heal and restore us. 

And why He gave us each other. Working, loving, and sharing together, we can help each other heal in all those broken places we may not even be aware of. 

I collect sheep. Recently I noticed one of them had a broken leg. I don't even know how it happened, and never found the missing piece. You can see in the photo above that next to the other sheep, it's hardly noticeable. He stands as straight as his brother.

But when he's alone, you can spot the broken part right away. He seems smaller and more vulnerable. You want to pick him up and help him along his journey. 

We need each other. Let's come alongside a broken sister or brother today and say, "I love you. I'm here for you. 
It doesn't matter how you got broken. Jesus and I will help you heal." 

P.S. I am broken, too. And I need you. I appreciate you stopping by this blog, your kind words and thoughts, and your friendship, whether I've met you face to face or just know you by blogging. You are a dear lamb. 


  1. Hi Jeanette! What a lovely sentiment, I appreciate you too! We've never met personally, but I feel like I know you at least a little bit through blogging.
    Of course I'm broken! And Paul says we should brag about that (which seems odd), but I think he means it's because then God will rush into our broken spaces.
    May you have a blessed Easter!

  2. Jeanette: I am so very glad we met. Yes, I am broken. I have to remind myself that on a regular basis. All who come face to face with God have to be broken before He can reassemble us to His liking. He's still working on me.

  3. Totally agree! The old adage comes into play here. "One must first recognize that there is a problem (Brokenness), before one can seek out a cure.(Salvation and healing, through our Lord and Savior). Unfortunately, there is another big problem, blindness. Satan has done a great job of blinding us to our sin and brokenness. Praise God, that he help us daily, but we need to continually pray for the lost world, who is blind to their sin and brokenness, that they see the Light of the Son and allow the Spirit of God to draw them near. Yes, we are all broken to a degree. Thank God, for the Great Physician. Good Post!

  4. This is a special post. I have an angel that has a broken wing, and at first I didn't want to buy it, but then I thought most of us are shattered at one time or another, so I ended up buying it after all. : )

    I appreciate your thoughtful and heartwarming posts, Jeanette.



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