Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Three Ways to Add More Exercise to Your Life

If you hate to exercise, here are three ways to add more exercise to your life, and keep your body moving without feeling like you're being punished:

     1.   Walk.
Can you park half a block away from the market or mall and burn more calories to get there? Can you put on your walking shoes and ask a friend along on a brisk walk to catch up on news? Can you use the stairs instead of the elevator?

2.      Bike, whether real or stationary. 
Can you bike to work two or three days a week instead of driving? Does your city have bike trails that would make a fun outing with a friend or group of friends? Can you put on your favorite music, pray, or watch a TV show while on a stationary bike?

3.      Dance.

Can you take a Zumba, Jazz, or Square dancing class at your local gym or YMCA? Can you pop in a dance DVD when no one else but you is home? Can you grab the dog, the cat, or the spouse and twirl around the kitchen or living room while the dinner cooks?

Be as creative as you like. Invent a new way to move more, burn more calories, and build more muscle. Who knows? By this time next year, we may be watching you on a DVD as  you lead us in the most innovative exercise ever invented!

What are your favorite ways to exercise? How often do you exercise? 

The winner of the Amazon gift card from last week's post is Shakeena Bradley! Congratulations!