Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Grown up Coloring books--a new, fun stress relief tool

Colorful Cats

Okay, I know I talked about stress relief two weeks ago in my post titled "How do you Spell Relief?" where I shared how I garden in the summer and bake in the winter.

You offered some of your ideas for stress relief with me, too--good ones, they were--and I thank you for them.

Today I want to introduce you to Grown up Coloring books--the new, fun stress relief tool that I discovered a few months ago.

I wish they'd had these when I was raising kids, managing an office supply store, and walking through all the ups and downs of book publishing.

Wait, I'm still doing that last one! No wonder I need these to relax and refresh me when I feel like falling apart.

Here are the ones I've bought so far:

Butterflies and Flowers

And this is one I've ordered and am looking forward to receiving:

Don't Worry, be Happy

If you're thinking, "Those look like fun!" you're right. They are not only a great stress relief tool, they are boatloads of fun.

I bought mine on Amazon, but I've seen them at Kroger's market and The Open Door Christian Book store.

And it's great that we grown ups finally have permission to color!