Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Grown up Coloring books--a new, fun stress relief tool

Colorful Cats

Okay, I know I talked about stress relief two weeks ago in my post titled "How do you Spell Relief?" where I shared how I garden in the summer and bake in the winter.

You offered some of your ideas for stress relief with me, too--good ones, they were--and I thank you for them.

Today I want to introduce you to Grown up Coloring books--the new, fun stress relief tool that I discovered a few months ago.

I wish they'd had these when I was raising kids, managing an office supply store, and walking through all the ups and downs of book publishing.

Wait, I'm still doing that last one! No wonder I need these to relax and refresh me when I feel like falling apart.

Here are the ones I've bought so far:

Butterflies and Flowers

And this is one I've ordered and am looking forward to receiving:

Don't Worry, be Happy

If you're thinking, "Those look like fun!" you're right. They are not only a great stress relief tool, they are boatloads of fun.

I bought mine on Amazon, but I've seen them at Kroger's market and The Open Door Christian Book store.

And it's great that we grown ups finally have permission to color!


  1. These coloring books are becoming quite popular. I still prefer reading during my downtime.

  2. How fun! My daughter in law has one and she enjoys it. I'll check these out somewhere. I actually need to spend time knitting and finishing my photo calendars first! Have a good week! Hello to Kevin as well!

  3. I've been seeing these books all around.....and now, there is even an app on my iPhone like this. I enjoy coloring and I can definitely see the benefits of reducing stress while coloring in one of these books....hope your day is stress free!

  4. Hi Jeanette! I've seen these written up on our local newspaper. They are the new wave for adults! I'm sure I'd make as big a mess of it as I did as a young person, but I'd laugh more...which definitely would be a stress reliever.
    You should post some of your creations :) I'd love to see them!
    Happy coloring,

  5. Fun! My daughter heard about these a couple of years ago, and then..poof...a few months later they were everywhere! They remind me of the doodle art posters I did as a child! I have a friend who loves doing puzzles using the free puzzle aps. I haven't dived into any of these activities for stress relieve, but am glad they are there in case I feel the urge to!

  6. Years ago a dear friend told me that she liked to color to relax. Seems she was ahead of the trend, actually. My daughter recently bought a few and has been using them. I may just have to join her! :)


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