Tuesday, December 22, 2015

From Despair to Dancing--a Christmas Poem for You

Did she cry out in pain and despair
Wondering where God was
Even as she gave birth to her own salvation?
She couldn’t have known
How quickly her pain would turn to joy
As she held Jesus to her heart,
Nor how quickly her joy would turn to grief
As she beheld Him die of agony,
Accused of cursing
The God who fathered Him.
Now her joy is real, unchanging
For she has beheld Him forever alive!
She’ll never weep again
As she dances with her Son and Savior.

When I cry out in pain and despair
Wondering where You are,
You seem silent,
Your stillness deafening.
Yet I am reminded that the pain of birth
And the pain of death
Are not your final answer.
The glory of Jesus, forever alive, 
Interceding for me
Swallows them up, raining hope in my soul
As I dance with You, My God and Savior.