Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Must Milestone Birthdays Hurt?

My kind, thoughtful husband just passed a milestone birthday, and it hurt him worse than all the former birthdays combined.

I felt for him, but there is nothing I can do to turn back time. I wonder why these milestone birthdays hurt so much.

Could it be because our society worships those who have no wrinkles, sags, or many candles on their birthday cakes?

God tells us that gray hair is a crown of glory, and is found in the way of righteousness (Prov. 16:31, NIV).

In many cultures, older citizens are honored, not ignored, ridiculed, or sent out to pasture.

God and I think Kevin is pretty spectacular, even if our messed-up society doesn't.

Let's listen to God instead of others, and perhaps those milestone birthdays won't hurt so much!

Have you had any milestone birthdays? Did they hurt, or did you see them as crowns of glory?