Tuesday, October 23, 2018

What's Your Problem?

“I wish we didn’t have to live next door to the church; sometimes I feel like we have no privacy.”

“I’m about to go nuts revising this book—every time I fix something, a new problem crops up.”

“I’m not jealous of people, whose grand kids live near them, but I sure would love to be closer to mine—they are seven hours away, and we only see them three or four times a year.”

I’ve said all of the above. More than once. 

It occurred to me recently that all of them are high-class problems. 

Compared to most of the people in the world, I have it easy.

I have a home (the above photo is not mine, but we live in a lovely one provided by our church family). 

God gave me the talent to write books. And revise them. 

I have three terrific, talented grands and enough money to travel and see them. 

So—what am I complaining about? Lord, forgive me. 

Ever find yourself whining about your problems, then find someone worse off than you?