Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I have been working to revise two chapters of my new book, “The Secret Life of a Preacher’s Wife” to send to the Write to Publish conference for evaluation. I also need to go over my proposal for “God Is Bigger,” my first book, which is completely done, but needs a “home.”

My darling husband Kevin, who is the epitome of organization, and I sat down Sunday night and made a list of all I have to do before the conference in June. It was as long as the Great Wall of China! Well, not quite. But almost!

Then we made a schedule, which I am trying to keep, so I won’t be fussing and running around like “I love Lucy” at the last minute, throwing socks and underwear into my suitcase, putting my make up on in the car on the way to Chicago, worrying that I didn’t have enough business cards printed up and will my roommate snore and what if an editor is mean to me, etc…

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with your life? Your writing goals? What helps?


  1. I'm considering the Write to Publish conference. Is the focus mostly on non-fiction or is it well balanced between both fiction and non? Just curious if you have any tips about the conference that might help me as I decide which conference to attend this year? Thank you!

  2. Dear Jody: Go to and look over the list of classes. I think it is very well balanced. They have about 30-40 staff members from every walk and genre.
    Let me know if you decide to come and we can meet, or even room together! I have been praying for someone to go with...
    No pressure! haa!


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