Monday, May 25, 2009

How and What? "Havah" and "Bayou"

I am currently reading two compelling novels:
Havah, by Tosca Lee, which the a stunning tale of Eve; and What the Bayou Saw, my friend Patti Lacy's newest book, about secrets and lies that haunt us and the scourge of racism.

Because I was already addicted to "Havah" when "Bayou" came out, but didn't want to wait to start "Bayou," I am reading both, going back and forth, a few chapters at a time.

Although I'm a coffee nut, i also love tea, especially Tazo's Awake and Joy!, so that's what i drink while reading. Popcorn or chocolate sometimes join me, enhancing the enjoyment.

How do you read? One book at a time, or several at once?

What are you currently reading?

Do you eat and/or drink while reading?


  1. Good morning to you Jeanette! And happy Memorial Day! Sometimes I can get a couple of books going at once too, but this only happens if one of them slows down in the middle and isn't enough of a page turner to keep me going! (Which is a big no-no for us writers!) Mornings are coffee time for me, and then I generally fill up my tea pot with decaf green tea in the afternoons. Hope you enjoy your day of reading!

  2. Hi Jeanette! I cannot read more than one book at a time. Just can't do it. Right now I am reading Judy Lessman's first book, A Passion Most Pure, and loving it!!! I wish I had the day off to read all day. (the school district I work for scheduled a make up weather day on Memorioal Day!!!! Isn't that terrible?) I drink coffee in the morning, but will sip on some cranberry juice in a pretty glass while reading. (if feels indulgent!) Happy reading!

  3. I'm like Sherrinda. I plow through one book, then move onto the next.
    Yum. Your reading time sounds very relaxing.

  4. Happy Memorial day! I am trying to read Nicholas Spark's newest one right now-- at least I think it is a newer one but can't seem to get my braing wrapped around it yet. So I read in spurts. I have a few others lined up from other authors in waiting just in case:))

  5. I have to read one book at a time, because I can't put down a novel until I'm done. I make myself wait until I have a few hours, then I'll sit down and read it, front to back (depending on the author I can read up 100 pgs/ it usually kills about three hours of a day).

    Non-fiction, however, is usually a chapter-a-day read, but I still only read one book at a time.

    I'm currently reading Bird by Bird by Ann Lamott. Then I'm going back to fiction with Faking Grace by Tamara Leigh.

    No time to eat while I read :) I HAVE to know what happens! :)

  6. Dear Jody:
    You're right; some books are not the page turners that others are. I have stayed up too late many times, to finish a story. I'm sure the authors would be happy to hear that!
    I did finish Bayou; it has a terrific, satisfying ending.

    Sherrinda; Is that called "Educator abuse" when they make you work on a holiday like that? LOL!
    I've heard Julie Lessman's books are great; Susan Reinhardt is giving all three away this week on her blog!

    Jessie: You girls have excellent discipline. Must be why your word counters keep rising steadily! Mine has been at 17% for awhile...

    Terri: You have a 'stack' too? I count six books waiting to be read, once i finish Havah. And I know i'm going to buy a ton at the conference next week. Wish i read faster!

    Karin: Wow, you are speedy, girl!
    Bird by Bird is excellent! I have a writer friend who says that is the ONLY book any writer needs to motivate them. She's amazing.
    No time to eat, huh? I rarely have that problem!

  7. I usually have one non-fiction and one fiction going at the same time. But, like you found yourself this time, I do sometimes jump around with a couple fictions going at the same time and a non-fiction one, too. But I much prefer just sticking to the two a time.

    Usually I read in bed, so the teeth have been brushed and only water is at my side.

  8. Eileen:
    You are another great example of self-discipline, my dear. I have found this as a trait in many writers.
    Along with love of all things caffeinated (sp?)...


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