Monday, September 7, 2009

Prizes for Everyone!

I love giving presents. I have an entire shelf in one closet devoted to gifts. It has filled up over the Summer and I need to clean it off to make room for Christmas gifts.

Are you up for a game where everyone who plays can win one of my super duper presents? (Let's see here, I have books galore--most are Christian romance--a few cds from writers's conferences, post-it notes, and other assorted lovely prizes on this shelf. All you have to do to win one is guess what I bought on a recent shopping trip. Everyone who guesses correctly wins! Ready? Here goes:

1) A pair of jeans, a book, a cd, and a bag of dark chocolate truffles, or

2) A book, a cd, a box of candles, and a bag of coffee, or

3) A set of dishcloths, a box of milk chocolate truffles, a bag of coffee, and a cd, or

4) A box of candles, a book, a mouse for my new laptop and a set of dishcloths.

You have until Thursday Sept. 10th at 4:30 to post your guess. I'll announce all the winnners on Friday. I hope everyone wins! Have a great week as you write for your Audience of ONE,



  1. I'm thinking you got some delicious chocolate, a candle or two to freshen up your home, at least one bag of rich, dark coffee, AND a mouse for your laptop (probably a wireless!). Of course these are the staples of a writer's "office." So it only goes to reason you'd have gotten ALL of them! :)

    Have a wonderful Labor Day!

  2. Hmmmm....I'm going with number one, because we all love a pair of new jeans.

  3. I'm going with number 4. Seems the most practical like I would buy. Thanks for the opportunity and I hope your trip is going great! :O)

  4. Very cute! I'm going with #4, as well. :)

  5. I am going with number 4 b/c it sounds more practical.
    Hope you have a great day.
    Blessings, andrea

  6. It seems I am picking the most popular choice! I choose number 4! :) It sounds like you had fun shopping!

  7. Numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4! Ha! Just kidding.

    I'll be different and go with number 2. :0)

  8. All right, I'm going to say number 3 because mostly everyone else is saying 4. :) No, really, that was the first one that really stuck out at me. And ooooh, I love chocolate!

  9. Im thinking #4. Cause if you have a new lap top, you would need a new mouse. Fun post Jen. Blessings.

  10. I'm not sure, either #1 or #2. Because, both have books and cd and my dilemma is whether you wanted coffee chocolates?? Oh, I go for the chocolates.

    Number 1 and that's my final answer!

    Fun contest, I love it.

  11. I'm hoping it's three because I'm in some serious need of dishcloths. The chocolate truffles can't hurt either ;)

  12. Jeanette:
    I'm going to say #3. The dish clothes were because you needed them. The cd was one you had been wanting. The chocolates because of your sweet tooth. The coffee because you like to drink coffee when you write.

  13. Hi Jen -

    I'll say #3 because chocolate and coffee are staples in a writer's pantry.

    Susan :)

  14. You guys know me too well!
    Come back Friday and see who won; I will list the prizes specifically and let you choose.

  15. I came over to change my answer but now that I'm here I really want to keep it the same, but then again I don't. Aaahhh! :)

    You are throwing me off by not having chocolate, coffee and a book in the same sentence!!! ha-ha



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