Monday, October 19, 2009

Five Things to Accomplish in Five Minutes

Ready? Set? Five!

You have only five minutes before you dash out the door for DS’s soccer match or DD’s dance lesson. What can you accomplish in this short zipper of time? You may be surprised how your use of five little minutes can make a big difference in your life and writing career:
1. Pray for guidance in your writing, protection for yourself and your family, direction for our nation’s leaders, and wisdom for your kids’ teachers. If you home school, you need all the prayer you can get!

2. Revise one paragraph or sentence of your WIP.

3. Read a page or two of God’s Word, a craft book or a devotional for writers.

4. Write a thank you note to a fellow blogger or editor who’s inspired you.

5. Answer an email from a friend, encouraging them on their writing journey. Since you reap whatever you sow, God is sure you send you a morsel of encouragement the next time you need it.

What ways do you make the most of little snippets of time?

P.S. Please join me Wednesday for an interview with author Christine Berry along with a drawing for a chance to win 10 books!


  1. I don't really know but I have some applicable ideas now. Thanks.


  2. Great tips, Jen! So often we can squander the "little moments" of our days! I think with 5 minutes I'll try to give my children backrubs, or pull one of them onto my lap and let them talk to me uninterrupted!

  3. I've been hyper-aware of this of late. If you put your mind to it, you can get so much accomplished, no matter the time allotted.

  4. I always did like the dad from Cheaper by the Dozen...such a multi-tasker. Even in elementary school I admired him. Now that's scary. :D
    ~ Wendy

  5. How many times do I say, oh, I only have 5 minutes.... there is a lot I can get done in that time! :O)

  6. This is a wake-up call for me, Jeanette. Time is the needle that pops my balloon.

    Today, I will purpose in m heart to honor God with each moment. Whether, writing, working, family, or what. To have each moment be productive and beneficial.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  7. Love this. I was just reminded yesterday and this morning when I had a little time to kill what I could be doing. Praying. I stopped both times and just prayed. Of course this helped me to slow my roll and focus and feel less rushed.
    Sometimes just listening to music for 5 minutes can bring that too.

  8. I always carry books with me, so if I ever have a spare five minutes, I'm reading!

    Have a great day!

  9. Usually, five minutes is not enough time for me to do anything. That's why I'm always early waherever I go. I can't stand sitting around waiting when I have to be somewhere. One of your suggestions is fanatastic. There's always time to send up a short prayer. Thanks for the rinminder.

  10. I've been finding myself doing the five minute prayer more and more. It's so reassuring to know God's in control.

    Thanks for the great list (#1 in particular!)!

  11. Jeanette:
    You are right, we can pray. We can read a scripture (did you have that?)
    Thanks for the time management lesson.

  12. Jeanette, love these tips for time. I have more "5" minutes than most, with my children grown, and yet I probably squander larger amounts of time. But I do read while waiting for my parents in the Doctor's offices, or try to write, or sit and close my eyes to relax a bit.

    Thanks for the prompting!

  13. I tend to have my Bible on hand and/or novel to fill those too-short minutes.

  14. Hi Jen -

    It takes about 4-5 minutes for my computer to fully boot up. In that time, I can toast and butter an English muffin at lunchtime or pour a bowl of cereal for breakfast. If I'm really speedy, I can cut a banana. :)


  15. Think of how much those little 5 minute snippets add up. A great reminder that 5 minutes isn't too small a time period to accomplish something.

    Thanks, Jen!

  16. Jeannette,
    Great advice. Time is the great equalizer. We all have the same amount, no matter how much money or health or status we have. It can only be spent, not made.
    Allen Redpath said, "There are enough hours in the day to do what God wants, and no more." That quote changed my life.
    If only I was more faithful in the spending of my time. Thanks for the great reminder!

  17. Great ideas. I am hoping to see you before I leave. You are just doing so well. God is so pleased and so am I. Love Clella


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