Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Difficult People

Difficult people: everyone has a few cluttering up the pristine landscape of their life.

The Lord recently prompted me to pray for the difficult people in my garden plot. Not so I’d be more comfortable or peaceful, but so they’d be happier. It wasn’t fun, and I made some shocking discoveries about my own faults mirrored in others.

Then I wondered: am I a difficult person for someone else, or many others? Is a brother or sister praying for me, because I’m a thorn in their side, a weed in their flower bed? Gulp.

I’ll bet you can think of a difficult someone who needs your prayers today. Will you do it, just to spite the devil? We may all be surprised at how our landscapes develop!


  1. Interesting that I return on the day you post this...I know for a fact that I am the difficult person that someone, (or more), prays for!



  2. oh yes, I've got some difficult people all around me now at my new job. i'm praying each moring that I might be a blessing to them instead of annoying them more!

  3. Just to spite the devil. I love that. This is actually a practice I got into a few years back. Isn't it amazing? Thanks for the reminder. :)

  4. Been dealing with a specific person in my life right now. Sometimes it is so unnatural to pray for her, so I thank you for the prompt. It's the way He leads.
    ~ Wendy

  5. I have forgiven the difficult people in my life but it's hard to be around them for more 'difficulties'. I will pray for their attitudes AND mine.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Love this post! A needed reminder for me. Some people make it easy to love them, but everyone deserves to be loved.

  7. Another great post! It can be hard to bless and pray for those that we feel like doing totally opposite. I really like the Pineapple series by Otto Koning and he does a really good job of pointing out the importance of this matter.

  8. What a great idea! Sometimes the difficult person is me! LOL. I will pray for many today just because of you, have a blessed day!!!!

  9. Oh, I don't know any porcupine people...but fear I am one!!!

  10. That definitely is a gulp!

    I really do try. And I try to remember that the forest of beams in my eye doesn't compare to the splinter in someone else's. Thanks for this reminder.

  11. Jeanette,
    I can't imagine you being a thorn in anyone's side!!!

  12. Hi Jen -

    I can think of a few people who set my teeth on edge. Every time it comes up, I pray for them and tell the Lord I choose to forgive them.

    As for others having a problem with me, I'm sure I aggravate some people, including those mentioned above.

    Susan :)

  13. Oh, I have prayed that others find peace and happiness and that they feel the blessings of God. Even if there isn't a change in that person, I have a better attitude around them.

  14. Ah, wisdom from a wise woman. That's a tough one, Jeanette, but worthy of work. Thanks

  15. Yes, we all have one or two or even many difficult people around us. You inspired me to pray for one of those that I love dearly, so thank you.
    Oh my, could I be difficult to someone around me! Well, that is food for thought.

  16. The first person I think of when I think of difficult people is myself! UGH!

    I know I'm a moody, emotional, Type A person (Aren't many writers??)but that's no excuse. I have to ask the Lord, each day, to forgive me, forgive myself and then pray to sincerely forgive those who cause me to cringe!

  17. I love praying for difficult people, mostly because it helps me handle them better.
    Selfish, I know. LOL But God is faithful and always helps with that.
    Sometimes I think I'm the difficult person in my husband's life. Poor guy.

  18. I'm on BOTH sides of this entry. :)

  19. I am a difficult person myself and there have been/are many many difficult people in my life. I don't know how could I go about it to share peace of mind with them, but I manage to find a middle way out always. Sometimes I just let it be and leave it all to God.



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