Friday, February 5, 2010

Ten Little Confessions

I got this crazy ten little confessions idea from Wendy Miller of All in a Day’s Thought. I hope these are little enough not to shock you, and big enough not to disappoint you.

1.My husband brings me coffee from freshly ground beans every morning. When he is gone overnight, I tote the programmable coffee maker into the bedroom and set it on my desk across the room, so I can wake up to the smell of coffee brewing.

2.I spoil my four cats beyond reason, talking baby talk to them and letting them climb wherever they want. They even jump on the bathroom counter and drink water from a cup there.

3.We lived in Illinois six years before I shoveled snow the first time, and that was only because my husband had broken his ankle.

4.I not only snort when I laugh real loud; I also snort when I’m disgusted.

5.I love to slide across the kitchen floor in my stocking feet.

6.On my end table I keep several stacks of different colored 3 x 5 cards with encouraging Scriptures written on them. Every day I pick a stack that matches the outfit I’m wearing, and confess them aloud.

7.Some days I get really wild and say Scriptures from cards that don’t even match my outfit!

8.I am not fond of cooking. My favorite cookbook is one containing recipes of 3, 4, and 5 ingredients.

9.My favorite sport is dining out. Shopping comes a close second.

10.My hair is not this bright red; its natural color is auburn, which went bye-bye when I was thirty-five. My youngest granddaughter’s hair is the same shade. YES!

Which one of these surprised you? Have you done “Ten Little Confessions” on your blog?

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  1. great post! although, being in the "fashion industry" (big tongue in cheek lol) I might have to rethink being cyber-pals with someone who doesn't ALWAYS match her scripture cards to her outfit. tsk, tsk!

    You're tons of fun, Jeanette!

  2. What a great list! Just have to love the fact that you also enjoy sliding across the kitchen floor in your stocking feet. Now that made me smile.

  3. That Wendy must be one crazy lady! :D

    Loved yours. I laughed out loud at #7. And goodness woman, that is so endearing!

    Your hair color fits your full of life personality.

    God love ya!
    ~ Wendy

  4. Sara: Don't give up on me yet!

    Joyful: So you do that, too?

    Wendy: Thanks for this fun idea; I hope others pick up the baton and run with it.

  5. what a sweet hubby you have. i love the matching outfit witht he scripture cards! great idea. have a great day!

  6. I love your list! My favorite is you slidding across the kitchen floor- I can just picture you!

  7. My favorite is you sliding across the kitchen floor. I can just picture it! I also love #1 about the coffee. That is so cute. What an excellent post for letting us get to know you better. ;-)

  8. I love the mental picture of you getting a running start from one side of the room, speeding across the kitchen floor, and blazing to a stop. LOL!

  9. I feel like I know you better now. I think we should all do a post like this!! XXOO

  10. How will I know if you're snorting at me because I'm hysterical or disgusting..... Cute "confessions".

    BTW-The comment you left on my blog the other day really touched me and meant a lot to me. Your support is so appreciated! :O)

  11. It's great getting to know more about you! I enjoyed this! Have a great weekend!

  12. :D What a fun post! Jeanette, I love how so much of your personality comes through on your blog, it's such a blessing. Have a wonderful weekend. We're having a birthday party and Superbowl party on the same day!

  13. Yes, these fall under the catagory of 'confessions'. Since I have met you, I must say you hide these thing well. :D

  14. My surprise, I think was the one about cooking. But I love dining out too! :) The scripture cards is adorable, and I think God sees it that way too. Blessings**

  15. Am surprised my girl doesn't like to cook, but I will cook enough for the both of us!!!

    We can't be TOTAL soulmates, can we???

  16. Sliding across the floor in your stocking feet? How shocking. What a wild time you must have in the kitchen.

    Love your colored scripture cards idea!

  17. I love number 9!
    Blessings and happy weekend,

  18. Hi Jen -

    I also like #9, except I'd reverse dining out and shopping.

    Confession time: I'm on auto pilot in the morning. If I get out of my routine, it takes me twice as long to get into my day.

    Susan :)

  19. I don't know that I could come up with any more confessions. After getting tagged to list "25 random things about me" by my DD on Facebook last year I was pretty much confessed out. But I'm definitely with you on #8 and #9.

    (I can't figure out how to do a short link and don't know if this will work, but my 25 random things can be found here: )


  20. I love you even more now. You are pure joy. Do you know that? I love that you slide across the kitchen floor in your stocking feet!!! Your cats don't even know how good they have it. I can just see you talking baby talk to them, that's so sweeeet. But my favorite is you reading scripture that matches your outfit. If you haven't already included that in your book, please do so. You are a riot. OXOXOXOXOXO Happy Valentines day sweetie!

  21. You are so much fun! Enjoying getting to know you better!

    Ah...someone who spoils their cats like me. I'm too embarassed to tell you how spoiled mine are! LOL!

    Speaking of spoiled...sounds like your hubby spoils you a bit! And that's the way it should be!

  22. Number 7! You are one wild and crazy lady.

  23. I want to hear you laugh!! Snorting just doesn't seem to fit somehow.

  24. As always, you have another fun post. Love your blog, Jeanette! Can't wait to form my own ten little confessions! Lv U.

  25. I am cracking up! This was a joy to read!!! I love #5. I love to run and dive into bed so #5 also sounds fun!!!

  26. I will have to do this on mine. It looks fun. Thanks for inviting me--I enjoy your posts.

  27. What a fun list. I can totally see you sliding across the kitchen floor in your socks. Too cute. And the scripture cards. How adorable. You don't always match! tsk tsk!! LOL. I'll have to join in this sometime soon & pick my ten! Yours did not suprise me nor disappoint!

  28. I just loved all of your confessions. I took your idea and ran with it and today posted my 10 little confessions plus I sent everyone back to your blog to see yours.
    Have a great weekend. Take care and God Bless!!!


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