Monday, March 1, 2010

What About YOU? Favorite Clothes and Accessories

Every Monday I ask a question, to get to know YOU better.

Okay, ready for today’s? Do you have a favorite item of clothing or accessory?

The above photo shows me wearing one of my favorite necklaces, hand crafted by a lovely blogger, Sara of Twillypop designs. I wear it with pride in my sister, who is using her talents to bless others with beauty. I always feel like a princess when I wear it. Thank you, Sara!

I heart my Snoopy pj’s. I bought them in an after-Christmas sale. The drawings show Snoopy atop his doghouse, typing a letter to Santa. Although I’m not big on Santa, I adore Snoopy and I love writing. If you mix the two and keep me warm as well, you’ve stolen my heart.

What about YOU?


  1. You are so lovely!!! That necklace is beautiful! I have a favorite necklace. It is a large turquoise stone that hangs from a thin, black leather strand. It's very cool, in my opinion! lol

  2. Good Morning Jen!
    I do have a favorite piece of clothing. It is a wildly colored broom skirt. Reminds me of fun happy days gone by! I never wear it though because I have not found the right blouse to go with it and the bohemian occasion to wear it to. I pull it out of my closet and look at it often! Joyce told me to pack it for the Fla conference. She said they have a funny dress night so I think I will!
    Have a great day.

  3. I have a Twillypop necklace--she makes beautiful jewelry.

    Hmm. Okay, I'll write something other than pj's. My longer sixties-looking skirt and a T-shirt. Can you tell I'm thinking summer! :D
    ~ Wendy

  4. Oh! You are too sweet! You're gorgeous and make my jewelry look all the better!

    My favorite accessory is my wide silver cuff bracelet that was my mom's when she was younger and still has her initials carved in it!

    and favorite outfit......jeans and and embellished tee are usually how you will find me!

  5. My favorite piece of clothing would have to be my denim jacket. It's cut like a blazer but has different detailing. I love it; it has so many uses. Our fellow bloggers are right, you are beautiful! (Don't get the big head:)

  6. Jeanette,
    Beautiful photo of you with or without the necklace!
    I have to admit that my favorite clothes to wear are sweats. What does that say about me?

  7. My favorite piece of clothing right now is a wool pants suit. I love dressing up too. But most of all I love jewelry. My daughter lives in Kansas and there is a place that I always go to when Im visiting. They make whatever you want on the spot. LOVE IT!

  8. I have a beautiful necklace with a very small diamond in it that was passed along to me from my Grandmother. It's one of my favorite because it was hers!

  9. Wow, you guys. Thanks for the kind words. I needed them today.

    Love you,

  10. Hi Jen -

    Love the pic!

    Every day, I wear a pair of small hoop/heart earrings my late husband gave me when we were dating. Clothing? Right now, my ankle length down coat keeps me toasty.

    Susan :)

  11. Your necklace looks really pretty. I have a pair of green shoes with flowers on the sides that I love, but nothing messes with my cowgirl boots. They are my one and only true love :)

  12. I agree with Sherrinda, you look lovely!

    My favorite item besides my wedding ring are my purses. All of them!

  13. Just think of how good you would feel in your pj's and the Twillypop necklace. Hey, June Cleaver wore her pearls with everything, I bet she wore them to bed too.... :O)

    I would say summer shoes with painted toes are a favorite of mine.

  14. Flip flops and sunglasses. I wear the same pair until they break. Then it's on to the next set. :0)

  15. You ARE lovely! And wouldn't I know since I just saw you!

    Hmmm...favorite accessory? How about a new pashima in the most beautiful oranges and reds with a hint of blue...from a VIP writer friend!!!

    LOVED seeing you.

    Will post your picture...soon!


  16. Jen:
    I am cold-natured. In the winter, I prefer fleece tops that button down the front. I also have a collection of sweaters. (One year right before Christmas, hubby was on a 'roll'. He found a sale and as a result, I had seven pullover sweathers under the tree.)

    I also like the sweat suits. I can pair a sweater with sweat pants and feel casually dressed.

  17. Great picture! I have all kinds of jewelry, but one necklace has two hearts which my son gave me at different times, which I cherish. And then hate to say it, but my blue jeans...:)

  18. First of all, you're stolen my heart with your gorgeous Irish ladies pictures.

    My favorite piece of jewelry right now is the silver, pearl, and crystal necklace I wore in my son's wedding. My favorite clothing item is my black wool jacket. When I want to look nice, I wear that.

    What a lovely picture of you and your necklace!

  19. Love the blog's new Irish green look. (Could it be because I'm Irish?) And what a gorgeous picture of you!

    I don't wear a lot of jewelry but have a pair of small gold stud earrings and a just-the-right-length gold chain that seem to go with everything. I also have a plum-coloured cut velvet jacket that's a favourite. Despite that, you'll most often find me in jeans, T-shirt and a blue fleece sweater!


Oh, it's YOU! I'm so happy to see you here today, and look forward to reading your comments.