Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Perceptions, Plans and Purposes

Sometimes God places you in a spot that appears to be for a particular reason.

It seems obvious; you've joined a club or formed an alliance to accomplish A or B. Simple.

As time unfolds, you begin to see that His plan was C or D or even Q.
Not leaving out A and B, but adding to them by layers.

Our vision is limited by our own pea-sized perceptions. His is eternal and galactic.

Ever been there? Are you there now? Could Your Shepherd being leading you to C or Q when you thought He was about A?


  1. Just went through this quite literally. For months I was looking forward to Calvin Festival of Faith and Writing that took place last week/weekend. Well, as you know I got thrown on my head with life stuff and it shook things up. I waited. I listened. I cancelled my trip.

    And though it was sad, it felt in line with God.
    ~ Wendy

  2. Oh, most definitely! It's not until later, usuallly years later that I can actually see how the plans all fit together and how God is in total control!

  3. This happens to me most every day.

    Great insights. As usual.

    Love you and can't wait to set our date.


  4. Oh yes. That's the great thing about making our plans...God usually changes them! Psalm 16:1. son is doing great! thanks for the prayers my friend.

  5. I stand amazed so often as I look back and see a glimpse of what GOD was doing! WOW!

    Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

  6. O Jen, I love you so for encouraging me in ways you don't even know! I hope it's any letter of the alphabet. I trust Him.

  7. Oh yes for sure. I think he is zeroing in on a big Z while I'm thinking it is a L. LOL Trying to enjoy the ride:)

  8. It is amazing to look back and see how God has orchestrated certain events and people in my life to lead up to where I am in my life and my walk with the Lord now.

    I AM IN AWE!!!


  9. Absolutely!!! We never see the Q comin' 'cause we lack God's eyes!

    Ya'll have a wonderfully blessed Wednesday!!!

  10. Certainly. It's so hard to see the bigger picture until He plops us down in the middle of it. You know?

  11. Oh, yes, been there, say, is there a "Z" on that plan?

  12. Happens ALL the time. All we can do is be open and live, lead, and serve as we can at the time. I'm sure Joseph wasn't thinking about "Purpose Q" when he was at the bottom of the cistern! Good post.

  13. Hi Jen -

    An old friend often urged us to, "look at it from God's perspective." He has that overall view, while we tend to look at our immediate circumstances.

    It's usually looking back I can see all the dots connected and how importance my obedience was in the process.

    Susan :)

  14. Good post and food for thought.
    Thank you:)

  15. Oh yes! I have definitely been there, am there, and constantly learning to let go and trust the process--letting God to choose my letters. Really good post!

  16. Yep. Seems like he enjoys doing this to us. *grin*

  17. It happens most to me when I buzz around making my own plans without checking first to see if God approves or has a better one in mind.

    Sometimes life seems to be a terrible jumble but I try to remember that biblical tapestry image... from the underside the threads look pretty messy, but I know one day he'll take me up to see the gorgeous design on the top side.

    Thanks for a good post, Jeanette!



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