Monday, June 14, 2010

What About YOU: Quirks

A two-fold What About YOU?

Every Monday I ask a question, to get to know YOU better.

Ready for today’s? Do you consider yourself a quirky person?

Here are two of my quirks:

I have a thing about pens. I can’t stand tacky ballpoint stick pens, which I consider cheap. I almost insist on using either a gel or a roller ball pen, preferably retractable. I don’t have the patience to fiddle with caps.

I also have a thing about colors. If I have a choice between white and a color, unless it’s paint, I will choose a color every time. I’m crazy about brightly colored post-it notes and highlighters. My Bibles look like coloring books. I’ve even asked the Lord to put a colored stripe in my white linen robe when I get to Heaven, so I won’t be bored wearing a solid white gown!

Your turn…


  1. I wish I were quirky, but I really don't think I am. I don't have any fun eccentric least none that I can think of. Unless a passionate love of ice cream counts.

  2. Oooo, I love a roller ball pen too! And it has to be medium...not fine. I don't like any "scratching" going on my paper! :) I happen to love stationery. Pretty note cards and pretty paper! LOVE it!

  3. I just love learning more about you, Jen! Everything you say, I can totally see that shining through. You are so authentic on your blog that your brand is really coming out well!

    Quirks? Well, since I just got back from vacation, I can say one of my trip quirks is that I travel with my pillows. I honestly can't stand the thought of laying my head on a "stranger's" pillow with everybody else's bad breath and slobber ingrained in the fibers! So, yes, if at all possible, I take my own pillows. :-)

  4. Jody, I travel with a pillow too and I'm trying to figure out if I can bring it on the plane for ACFW and my carry on and my suitcase...I'm thinking no.

    Anyway, YES. I'm entirely quirky and thankful my husband married me.

    I push in all the drawers to my dresser at night, sing very loudly when I'm stressed, have favorite T-shirts I'll wear over and, this list could go on a scary length.
    ~ Wendy

  5. I'm not quirky at all, but my mom is and she's a hoot!
    Love reading these comments. ;-)

  6. I am not quirky but I think we all have quirks. Like I never just eat a bowl of ice cream...I must have a cookie, pie, cake, brownie something else to go with it. I also never drink white milk, only chocolate, yes even in cereal. :)

    Also whenever I pet an animal I feel the need to immediately wash my I don't have OCD,I just think they are sweet but dirty. LOL

  7. Quirky = fun, and I might be too straight-laced. But I'm working on it! I got my toes done the other day, and the tech talked me into a hot coral-y color. She said, "Don't be afraid of color!" And I decided against my normal sort of natural shade.

  8. Quirky, thy name is Jennfier Shirk. So, yes! LOL

    Let's see...

    I must change the sheets and towels in my house before i go away on vacation so when i come home everything is just so.

    I can't write if there's dishes in the sink or if my rug needs to be vacuumed

    I don't like oranges--or anything orange flavored

    I love watermelon but not watermelon flavored stuff

    I wear "alot" of makeup--including red lipstick. yet I refuse to wear mascara because I feel it makes me look too "made up".

    Should I go on? LOL!

  9. You know, I like good pens too. Don't care for the ones where the ink blobs and it just turns into a mess. As for the caps, well, they're just one more thing to keep track of. I'm with you with color. Even just a light shade adds a little personality and contrast. :)

  10. I don't think I have specific quirks, but have been described as quirky in general. At least it's not boring, right?!?!? :O)

  11. I LOVE cloth napkins and cannot stand fast food.

    I save worms from drowning.

    That's all I can think of for now!!!

    Blessings, you girl,

  12. Hi Jen -

    Quirky - I don't think so. Like you, I love color, particularly purple. Since I had the back bedroom painted, I'm also hankering for more yellow.

    Susan :)

  13. Oh gosh am I quirky? Puh-leze. And color? My bible looks like a rainbow attacked it. I do love to highlight.

  14. Oh, this seems like a fun game!

    Yes, I'm a quirky person.

    I sleep with one toe out at night so I can breathe. True story.

    I could go on and on, but I gotta get going. Like your blog!

  15. I'm easy to buy for because I love all sorts of cute little things.

    I have to check the toaster oven and stove on the way out, but that's useful.

    Sometimes I wear a nightshade because the light bothers me.

    And I also hate ballpoint pens that don't write.

  16. I have to use blue pens. Give me a black, I throw it aside. Unfortunately most free business pens are black!
    I also have to drink out of the same coffee cup every morning. It's chipped and stained, but I don't care! I swear the coffee tastes better too.

  17. Quirks, I have many. How about not being able to sleep with night-shirts that have sleeves. Those boogers twist and bunch up!

  18. I have lot of them. For example I prefer eating hot (hot!) food. If it is not hot enough I heat it again....I keep the fan at a very low speed so that my food does not get cold by the time I eat the last morsel. I don't care if I feel hot but my food should taste hot! LOL.


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