Friday, June 4, 2010

Would you Enter a Contest with No Feedback?

After writing, re-writing, revising and re-revising, I sent my entry to the Guideposts Writers Workshop Contest this week. The 15 winners receive an all-expense trip to Rye, New York to attend the famous inspirational magazine’s 5-day workshop. Just thinking of it makes my heart race. I’m glad I don’t know how many total entries they expect!

This contest requires a true story of how faith in God made a difference in your life. Because I chose a story of a dramatic spiritual turning point from my teen years, I wanted the writing perfect.

We shall see what the judges think. This contest offers no feedback, and they only notify the winners. So those who are eliminated may never know why.

How do you feel about contests? Do you think the feedback is helpful, or do you find it too subjective to be of much use? Would you enter a contest that offered no feedback?


  1. I have entered this one before and yes it's hard to never hear back but so many are that way. I think that is the nature of contests. But it is still fun to dream and hope:) I do every year with it so when you win this year--I'll feel like I won!

  2. Sure I would. You know me though, I'm pretty adventerous. I like to get out there and try things. I think it also depends how badly I'm needing/wanting input on that piece.

    Happy Friday.
    ~ Wendy

  3. It depends on what the prize of winning would be. Contests are hit or miss. Sometimes you get great feedback, sometimes it's so subjective you can't use any of it.

    Happy Friday!!

  4. I have, and still am, entering contests. It would be helpful to receive feedback from the contest judges, but that rarely happens. I've won several writing contests and feel that the contests are worth entering, especially if you win and can add it to your writing resume.

  5. Two days ago, I entered a contest to sum up a manuscript in one sentence. I haven't heard anything. I guess that means I'll buy the book, valued at $20 myself. That's o.k, but I'd love to know who won. I read the other entries, and would like to learn from them. The pitch is the hardest part. Isn't it?

  6. Sometimes I feel like life is a contest with no feedback. ;) Yes, I've entered plenty and not been given a nod in return. The guidepost one sound big! Have a great weekend my love!

  7. With an opportunity like that, you have to try and enter, feedback or not. Can't wait to see you in one of my favorite magazines! :O)

  8. It's helpful to have the feedback, but it depends on what the reward is. It could be the perfect prize for a specific person and I think then it would be worth it.

  9. Oh, I hope you win. I would love to see your lovely face shining out on the cover. Yes, I certainlly would enter with no feedback. My writing "career" began when I wrote up a tribute to my grandmother for their contest. Later, I tried again. I was hugely disappointed.

    Want you to know that Guideposts was instrumental in building my faith and led to my salvation experience. How wonderful for all of us if you cold win.

  10. Jen:
    Congratulations for entering this contest. Most of the ones I have entered were of the no-feedback variety.
    Several years ago, I entered this particular contest. I won't bore you with the thoughts I had six months later when I received the listing and stories that received prizes and recognition. I paid extra money for the listing and the copy of the winners.
    I don't mean to sound like a sorehead. I am thrilled for you.

  11. I'd like to receive feedback. But with that said, I'd still enter a contest with no feedback. Getting a piece ready for a contest is practice, and practice always leads to better writing. (hopefully!)

  12. I've entered contests that don't give feedback. I prefer to receive it, but I won't let it deter me from entering. I think you may have a wonderful chance:)
    Blessings for the weekend,

  13. Oh, yes, have entered those before. Hope this works out. If not it was good to get that experience down on paper. :)

  14. I've only entered two contests. They didn't offer feedback but I felt it was good practice. Then I received word that I had placed as a finalist in both, and although I didn't win either one, placing was a positive acknowledgement that I really valued.

    I hope you get the nod on this one! ::keeping fingers crossed for you::


  15. I've never entered this one but have the Writer's Digest contest. I guess I never really expected feedback. I know it's not practical with all the entries they get. Definitely would be useful, but that's another question. Blessings on your entry!

  16. 1. Yes I would.
    2. I hope you win!! Prayin' favor...

  17. I would probably enter a contest that didn't offer feedback, but I certainly believe feedback helps us understand how others perceive our work.

    Yes, your guest post is set to run tomorrow (Sunday, June 6). Thanks!

  18. Hi Jen -

    I've only entered two contests, so my experience is limited. The Genesis gave super feedback, while the other merely announced the winners.

    I suppose not all contest coordinators are in a position to provide a critique. Depending on the prize, I'd consider entering again.

    Susan :)

  19. As 'scary' as contests might be, and as subjective, I think it's still a great place to get feedback.

    After all, judges are readers and readers are our ultimate audience. if the first battery of 'readers' find some things missing or awkward in our work, I'd rather they found it than have it sent it out for the 'whole' world to see.

    So here's to contests... and yes, please (in spite of the tantrums and pouting stages), I'll have that with a helping of comments and feedback.


  20. PS.... I'm got my computer chair set for spin should you get the news that you got it!

    Let me know..........

    Fingers crossed

  21. I have entered contests that give no feedback. There is nothing like receiving feedback - either positive or negative - though. Perhaps that is part of why I blog.


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