Friday, July 16, 2010

Overcoming my Fear of Fiction Writing

Tomorrow I'm embarking on a fun adventure--a class in Editing Fiction, offered by The Christian Pen, a group of freelance editors, proofreaders and critiquers which I recently joined.

Although I've said, "Fiction intimidates me;" "I don't write fiction--it contains too many elements;" and other cowardly statements, I decided to put on my big girl britches and L.E.A.R.N. So there.

So... if six months from now you're searching for a reasonably priced editor to help you add some sparkle your fiction ms, don't be surprised if my name pops up!

Have you overcome a fear that once had you trembling?

How did you conquer it?


  1. What? The indomitable, intrepid Jeanette has a fear? *grin*

    Hmmm, I don't have many fears. Lots of things that make me uncomfortable though. lol

  2. How cool is that? I'll keep my eye out. Wouldn't that be funny if like the pirate in The Pirates of the Carribean I really could pop my eye out? Any..way..

    Once I freaked out big time on a ropes course at a summer camp. Two summers later I worked month long on the ropes course.

    I like to push myself.
    ~ Wendy

  3. I think for me, God just kept nudging me in certain areas that "yes, I can." Finally it sunk in. :O)

  4. Jess: I love the word intrepid--thanks for using it on me!

    Wendy: My SIL worked at a day care with a child who had a glass eye. My SIL's first day there, the child pulled the eye out and set it on her pillow during nap time. Whoo, boy!

    Diane: YES, you can! God knows what He's talking about...

  5. Jeanette: My dear daughter attempted her first mini book this last school year. At the end she hated it and hates even making minor edits on it. The editor/teacher/mom was more kind than a 'real' one would be but even minor edits made her think she was a failure.

    I'd love some of you writers to email me with suggestions how to encourage her gift.

  6. I am very intimidated by fiction. I just can't see how people make all that stuff up!
    Someday, though, I plan to give it a go and take a class. Just not yet. :)

  7. You'll be great, Jen! I never thought I could do fiction either, so I was amazed at how easily it spilled out.

  8. Good for you! We are never too old to learn it!! :) I know you will be awesome at it and sell a book before me!!

  9. Hmmm. I would say you overcome that fear by hanging with FICTION writers like me!!!

    You already know the real answer.

    Love you,

  10. That definitely sounds like an adventure!

    Somehow it leaked out at church that I used to play the violin. I played my first solo EVER for Christmas a few years ago. I was shaking so hard, I could barely hold my bow. But by the time I was done, I felt better and since then I've sung and played my violin and my guitar in church several times. I love worshiping God with talents he gave me :)

  11. I believe you can do just about anything~ you are a woman of high calling!

    I'm so happy to hear that you are moving in new directions:) Love you Jen!

  12. I have the book you pictured. I love it. I too am learning soooo much. My first love of non fiction is still calling me even though Im steeped in fiction right now.
    Have a blessed weekend my friend.
    Love, Jan

  13. Hi Jen -

    First I make sure this is a direction the Lord wants me to take. Then I do what you're doing: learning.

    I know you'll do great!

    Susan :)

  14. Oh, fiction is fun! I'm learning. My biggest fear was putting my first writing "out there."

  15. Jeanette:
    Fiction is fun. It also takes just as much research as non-fiction.
    I'm afraid of not meeting the standards set by others.

  16. I always said that, too. I still consider myself fat and away a nonfiction writer, but my first published book ended up being a novel--something I said I'd never do. You just never, never know.

  17. Taking the class will likely dispel all your fiction fears. I've written non-fiction for years and it evolved into creative non-fiction, and from there the creative part simply took over. :) I still think I'm a better writer of non-fiction but I love letting my imagination loose in fiction.

    I hope you'll keep us updated on your learning experience.


  18. I am a little intimidated by fiction, but am also expanding my horizons. Perhaps I need to get that book:)

  19. I have overcome quite a few things, but it doesn't seem to help when the next new thing comes along. I "just do it."

    You have so much confidence. You will be great.

  20. I have written short fiction stories but nothing serious as yet. Although, I too have a fear.... sort of. Fiction intimidates me too, more so because I am not a writer by profession.

    I gathered some courage to write a short fiction scene.....type of.....That is my latest post!!!.......Feels like I am waiting for my results after a maths test :D


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