Friday, September 24, 2010

Randomness: God's Way of Shouting, "Surprise!"

Randomness intrigues me. I believe it’s God’s way of jumping from behind a bush and shouting “surprise!” with a fresh idea. Here are a few random thoughts for a Friday…

• Ever since I returned from Colorado, I’ve been disappointed in the almost-blue sky of Illinois. The sky in CO. is azure, brilliant, striking. Ours looks anemic in comparison. Is it the difference in altitude, or what?

• I think the ideal age for a kid is five. They can communicate with you, can feed themselves, even do a few chores. Yet they still possess a fresh innocence from God that makes them say clever and cute things you want to write down. Do you have any kids in your life? Any five-year-olds? May I borrow them?

• I love gazing at trees as they clap their hands to the Lord. Never embarrassed at the thought of someone watching them—they simply delight in the gift of saying, “Thanks” to God for life and sunshine. May I be more tree-like in my worship.

Do you like random thoughts? Will you share one today, please?


  1. Five-year olds are great! Random thoughts?? about my love for sharp cheddar cheese on apples? I think I should eat that meal at least once every day.

  2. I have a three and a six year old...does that count? Here goes random: I like spoons. I'm afraid of very little. God is so big, so great and so mighty. I am not looking forward to winter. I miss my dad.

    There you have it. My randomness in a nutshell.

    Love to you today!
    ~ Wendy

  3. those pictures! As for a random thought:

    I wonder if we would truly appreciate those beautiful bright blue skies if we awoke to them, daily?

    Blessings and prayers,

  4. Gorgeous pictures, Jeanette. Really beautiful.

    Random thought? I'm glad God picked all boys for me. If I had to choose between all blue or all pink, I'd vote blue, hands down. Every. Single. Time.

    And one more - I love Magic Shell on vanilla ice cream with chopped up almonds. Is that random enough? :)

  5. I was just thinking about doing something child-like just to see if it can still be fun.... jump in a puddle, climb a tree, being 5 sounds fun. :O)

  6. All your pictures are perfect:)
    Random thought, why lovebugs have to mess up my car every year?

  7. Hooray for the spontaneity of randomness! Let's see... Katy Perry aside, what ever happened to reliable guidelines for what constitutes appropriate clothing in various situations? At one time everyone knew what was appropriate and what wasn't. Now anything goes anywhere but shouldn't!

    In one family I have granddaughters who are 4-1/2 and 6 so I get what you're saying about the ideal age. If you'd like to drop in for tea you can share them, but I'm not willing to lend them. ;)

    Carol Garvin

  8. No, the skies in Colorado are the bluest! When I moved there from my native sunny Florida home, I saw the difference right away. I haven't seen those skies in a long time, but I'm thankful I had the chance.

    Do you think they're the skies Willie Nelson sings about?

  9. Love, love random thoughts! I have bunches...or so say my kids. Hmmm, I love the salty smell at the beach. Have a great weekend.

  10. Hi Jen -

    I have a five-year-old boy in my life, but he lives three states away.

    Random thoughts - Chocolate chip cookie (which I can't have now). Reading a new book.

    Susan :)

  11. Jeanette! I miss you! I'm doing a lot of blog hopping today to "visit" my bloggy-family.


  12. I have a four year old I'm willing to send your way:) She is full of enhusiasm and communication~ LOL!

  13. Oh, I love the topic! I'm such a random person. :)

    How about ...

    Love the falling leaves.
    Hate it that my hottub is waiting for repairs :(
    Use to love to climb trees
    Miss my hubby who's gone for just a few hours.

    Lv u, Jen

  14. Love the way you put this! Okay, so when we were in WY I thought the sky was more blue than here in KY. Good, I wasn't imagining it. It's still a lovely shade here, just kinda like it better out there.

    More random thoughts? I need to get off the computer and clean the house.

    Happy weekend,


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